Nigel Farage to Newsmax: ‘Don’t Trust Boris Johnson’

Nigel Farage to Newsmax: 'Don't Trust Boris Johnson' ("Greg Kelly Reports"/Newsmax TV)

By Eric Mack | Monday, 21 June 2021 08:21 PM

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has changed like a "chameleon," winning election as a conservative, but now bowing to President Joe Biden's campaign slogans, according to British Brexit architect Nigel Farage on Newsmax.

"Don't trust Boris Johnson; he's not really a conservative; he cozied up to Biden," Farage said to Monday's "Greg Kelly Reports."

"What on Earth is happening to Boris Johnson? I just don't know," he added. "It could be his new wife Carrie. I don't know what the answer is, but this is not what he was elected as conservative prime minister to do."

Farage's jaw dropped from a pair of notable shockers by Johnson, including calling Biden a "breath of fresh air" and adopting leftist virtue-signaling ideology from Biden, saying "We're building back better together, and building back greener, and building back fairer, and building back equal, and in a more gender neutral way, perhaps a more feminine way."

"I wish he was being a bit tongue in cheek," Farage, aghast, told host Greg Kelly. "He sounds like a new-age warrior.

"And, frankly, most of that last statement, I would been an interpreter to work out what it really meant," Farage added. "It was very, very disappointing indeed."

And calling Biden a "breath of fresh air" was one of the worst comments ever uttered by a British prime minister, according to Farage.

"Well, Boris is like a chameleon; he can change his colors to suit any circumstance, any weather, but to call a man who's been on Capitol Hill for almost half a century – who was like a broken record – a breath of fresh air was one of the worst comments I have ever heard from our British prime minister," Farage said.

"Boris was elected as a conservative, and he's now governing as a green. He's obsessed with climate change, with carbon taxes, with carbon reduction, making British consumers ultimately paying massive bills for all of this."

Farage, the leader of the Brexit Party "rebellion," is not surprised Europe was eager to welcome Biden to "the club."

"[Johnson] and Biden had this great big love-in, as of course did [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel and [French President Emmanuel] Macron, and everybody," Farage continued. "The truth of it is: All the money we're going to charge people for climate change, the Chinese are building two new coal-fired power stations every single week, and we're going to have to pay the price for this.

"It was mad."

As bad as Johnson was, Biden was worse in the eyes of Britons, according to Farage.

"Biden made no impression on the U.K. at all," Farage said of the G7. "He spent most of the conference grinning inanely, staring into the middle distance. I'm not sure he even knew he was in the U.K."

Farage has said he retired from politics, but he is leaving the door open potentially, ultimately vowing to hold supposed conservatives like Johnson accountable to his voters.

"Greg, let me promise you, whether I run or not, I'm going to be a proper irritant to them, and I'll turn them back into being a proper Conservative Party," Farage concluded.

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