Nigel Farage to Newsmax: ‘Real’ President Like Trump Would Push to End War

Nigel Farage to Newsmax: 'Real' President Like Trump Would Push to End War nigel farage gestures while speaking Nigel Farage (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Tuesday, 12 April 2022 08:47 AM

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, with his surprise visit to Kyiv and his walk through the streets with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, showed an image of leadership at a time when President Joe Biden has been remaining behind in the United States and has made no attempt to use American influence or power to try to end the war, former Brexit leader Nigel Farage said on Newsmax Tuesday.

But if former President Donald Trump were still in the White House, things would have been far different, Farage maintained in an interview with Newsmax's "Wake Up America."

"You would have thought the man who was supposed to be the leader of the free world would have come straight to Brussels and called a NATO conference but he did nothing of the kind," Farage said. "A real American president would meet [Russian President] Vladimir Putin. A real American president would try to broker a peace deal and I am absolutely certain that if Trump was still in the White House, he would have been across the pond in no time trying to use American influence, trying to use American power to bring an end to this war. Biden has done none of those things."

White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Monday said Biden won't be visiting Ukraine as Johnson did, and that it's more important to that country's leadership that the United States is expediting weapons, but Farage also denied that's happening.

"President Zelenskyy 48 hours ago said he'd given a list to Joe Biden of the things that he needed, and he hadn't had an answer," said Farage. "So whilst it's true to say that America has provided help, according to the Ukrainian president it has been much slower than the United Kingdom in delivering."

Farage also said the United States has "been absent" on the world stage since Biden took office, even if the message he delivered at last year's G-7 message in England was that America was back.

"Ever since the catastrophic decision to literally hand Afghanistan back to the Taliban, America has by and large been absent," said Farage. "America can choose if it wants to become an insular, inward-looking country. But that's not where America's greatness comes from."

Instead, the "greatness" comes from the role it played in both World Wars by showing "moral leadership on the most extraordinary and selfless scale," said Farage, adding that the western world needs such moral authority.

"Otherwise you're going to have a Chinese president thinking [it] can roll into Taiwan bases on islands all over the Pacific," said Farage. "Probably China poses a bigger threat to us than Putin."

Meanwhile, Farage said that Russia is so far removed from democracy that if Putin was gone, "we have no idea who would come next," including someone even worse, said Farage.

"That's why ultimately, we must fight for open, free, and fair elections and democracy," he concluded. "There is no example in history of one fully functioning open democracy, going to war with another. The best way to secure peace is to have proper democracy."

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