Nikki Haley: Biden ‘Sleeping From Behind’

Nikki Haley: Biden 'Sleeping From Behind' Nikki Haley: Biden 'Sleeping From Behind' Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley speaks during a campaign rally on Dec. 20, 2020, in Cumming, Georgia. (Jessica McGowan/Getty Images)

By Charlie McCarthy | Monday, 27 December 2021 02:37 PM

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley again slammed President Joe Biden for "sleeping from behind" instead of leading this country amid numerous alarming international challenges.

"We have a total lack of courage and commitment from our commander in chief," Haley tweeted Monday afternoon.

"Joe Biden isn’t leading from behind. Joe Biden is sleeping from behind."

Haley’s tweet included a 45-second video clip from her Dec. 2 speech to The Citadel Republican Society.

"This year has been one embarrassment after another. Russian hacks. Chinese threats. Iranian missiles.

"And twenty years after September 11th, Afghanistan is back in the hands of the Taliban. In just two weeks, Joe Biden threw [away] what my husband and military spent two decades fighting for.

"America literally surrendered to a terrorist organization. We have the best military in the world. But the Commander-in-Chief disrespected them and their families who sacrificed alongside them."

Haley's husband, Michael, served in Afghanistan as an officer with the South Carolina Army National Guard.

The former South Carolina governor was at The Citadel to become the first woman to receive the Citadel Republican Society's Nathan Hale Patriot Award.

Haley gave a speech in which she blasted Biden and Democrats for dismantling policies of former President Donald Trump.

"In Washington, D.C., we have a president and a Congress who are leading the greatest nation in history toward ruin," she said, the Washington Examiner reported. "Joe Biden and today's Democratic Party doesn’t even believe in America."

ABC News 4 reported that Haley offered the "framework" of a 2024 campaign despite not saying whether or not she would seek the next Republican presidential nomination.

"We can't just bash the president, his party, and all the problems they've created," Haley said. "We have to offer solutions that will lift up all Americans. We have to prove that we can make America strong and proud again. I know we can do it because our message is the right message."

Haley concluded by saying the Republican Party "was made for this moment."

"We're the only ones who can unite our country," she said, the Examiner reported. "Who can rescue our cities from anarchy and anger. Who can move America forward and upward.”

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