NY Senate Candidate Joe Pinion to Newsmax: Schumer’s Hypocrisy ‘Par for The Course’

NY Senate Candidate Joe Pinion to Newsmax: Schumer's Hypocrisy 'Par for The Course' (Newsmax/"Stinchfield")

By Charles Kim | Monday, 18 April 2022 09:42 PM

New York GOP Senate Candidate Joe Pinion told Newsmax Monday that the hypocrisy from Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., in taking money from a company doing business with Russia while criticizing any Republican company for doing the same is “par for the course.”

“Just par for the course from Chuck Schumer,” Pinion said during “Stinchfield” Monday. “The same man who fought tooth and nail to prevent individuals like (Sen.) Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and others from leveling the preemptive sanctions necessary to prevent (Russian President) Vladimir Putin from running into Ukraine and causing the chaos that we have seen unfold, at that same time was taking money that had the stench of Russian oppression on it, so this is what we can expect.”

While Schumer criticized Koch Industries Inc., the company founded by the conservative Charles and the late David Koch, for still doing business with Russia, it became known that the Democrat Senator from New York also takes political contributions, via a PAC, from International Paper, which is also still doing business with Russia.

“The ‘rules for thee and not for me’ that has permeated American politics (is) because of career politicians like Chuck Schumer, 42 years in Congress, 24 years in the United States Senate,” Pinion said. “Enough is enough. Because the policies may be offensive, but the outcome is death and despair for the Ukrainians. It is, in many ways the end of democracy as we know it here at home.”

Schumer, the incumbent, is facing Democrats Moses Mugulusi and Khaled Salem in the June 28 primary, while Pinion is facing five other GOP opponents for the Republican nomination.

Both could also face seven unaffiliated candidates in the November 8 general election, according to Ballotpedia.

As of Dec. 31, 2021, Schumer reported having $36 million cash on hand to fund his reelection bid, according to Ballotpedia.

Pinion also said that Schumer and the new Democratic New York City Mayor, Eric Adams, are not really for funding the police, and interested in lowering the rising crime rates in the city.

“We saw 2021 become the deadliest year to wear a badge in this country because of defund the police, we saw shootings go up 90% in New York City because of defund the police, we saw homicide go up 30% because of these astronomical policies, and now in 2022, we've already seen a 43% increase in assaults on law enforcement (with) over 101 police officers shot,” he said.

“This is the reality here. These are just the facts. These are not opinions. When Chuck Schumer and people like this mayor try to pretend that they are on the side of law enforcement, they are on the side of law and order. All we have are the results that show from the open southern border that we have this large fentanyl to flood Main Street USA and bring death to the doorsteps of urban and suburban mothers alike. They do not care about your safety. They did not care about security. They have no respect for law and order in this country that we love.”

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