NY Times Hires Anti-Israel Jerusalem Reporter

NY Times Hires Anti-Israel Jerusalem Reporter NY Times Hires Anti-Israel Jerusalem Reporter The sign on the west side of the New York Times building at 620 Eighth Ave. April 28, 2016 in New York. (Don Emmert/AFP via Getty)

By Charlie McCarthy | Wednesday, 10 November 2021 02:09 PM

The New York Times is being denounced for hiring an anti-Israel reporter who supports Arab terror organizations.

The newspaper on Nov. 3 said it had hired reporter Raja Abdulrahim to join its team of correspondents in Jerusalem.

The Algemeiner reported Wednesday that Abdulrahim blamed Israel for the actions of Palestinian suicide bombers who murdered hundreds of Israelis in the 2000s.

The Jerusalem Post's Emily Schrader said Abdulrahim supported terror organizations.

"NYT @nytimes on track with another 'journalist' who explicitly supports terrorist organizations which have murdered and maimed American citizens. Meet Raja Abdulrahim @RajaAbdulrahim," Schrader tweeted Friday.

"Raja Abdulrahim who is joining the @nytimes on their Jerusalem desk, thinks Israel is behind suicide bombings against …wait for it…Israelis," Schrader said in another tweet.

Newsmax reached out to The New York Times for comment.

"So we are excited to announce that Raja is bringing her many talents to our Jerusalem bureau as a new correspondent. She will roam widely, writing about Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, with a special focus on Palestinian affairs,” the Times said when announcing Abdulrahim’s hiring.

"The position is one we have been looking to fill for a long time, and Raja was the perfect fit."

The Times said Abdulrahim graduated from the University of Florida's journalism school, is a native Arabic speaker, was based in Beirut for five years, and has reported from Libya, Syria, and Egypt for The Los Angeles Times and for The Wall Street Journal.

While a junior at the University of Florida in June 2002, Abdulrahim wrote a guest column titled "Palestinians driven to bombing" for the school newspaper, The Algemeiner reported.

In the Florida Independent Alligator column, Abdulrahim wrote: "Another suicide bomber has attacked and the finger pointing has begun in every direction. But the fact is that the finger belongs not on the Palestinian Authority or some 'Islamic militant group,' it belongs squarely on Israel and the Israeli Defense Forces."

The Algemeiner also reported that Abdulrahim, just weeks after the 9/11 attacks, wrote a letter published in the Alligator maintaining it would be erroneous to refer to Hamas and Iranian-backed Hezbollah as "fundamentalist" or "terror organizations."

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