Oklahoma AG to Newsmax: Biden’s ‘Cavalier’ Border Act Hurts Americans

Oklahoma AG to Newsmax: Biden's 'Cavalier' Border Act Hurts Americans Oklahoma Attorney General John O'Connor on Newsmax.

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Tuesday, 01 February 2022 01:45 PM

President Joe Biden is "choosing to be very cavalier" with the lives of Americans by making immigration a public policy rather than a public safety argument, Oklahoma Attorney General John O'Connor told Newsmax on Tuesday.

O'Connor was one of the 13 GOP attorneys general who traveled to the U.S.-Mexican border last week.

"Texans, Oklahomans, people all across the company country are dying because of the drugs that are coming across," O'Connor said on Newsmax's "National Report." "When they talk about compassion, how compassionate is it to gang-rape women and then hook them on drugs, and then sell them into America?

"It's great that the president wants to deal with why, but we're not going to be able to fix those countries. We need to protect our borders and protect Americans right now."

O'Connor and seven other attorneys general are filing a lawsuit against Biden in hopes of blocking an immigration program that will allow some Central American children to migrate legally to the U.S. and reunite with their parents. He said on Newsmax that the administration is "mocking the law itself."

"They are not just focusing on children," he said. "They're focusing on adult males that they're bringing into our country, so and they've expanded the notion of what parole was intended to be about.

"I don't think Americans realize that we're letting people in illegally and then we're going over and flying their families to America at taxpayer expense and then releasing them into our society."

O'Connor said that when he visited the border and spoke to agents there, he observed their frustration and lack of morale.

"I'm guilty of thinking that this was a Texas problem before I got down there," he said. "To prepare for the trip, I studied how the Mexican drugs that are coming in through this southern border are infiltrating Oklahoma."

Further, some cartels are controlling cities in Oklahoma, with Tulsa and Oklahoma City being used "as command and control distribution centers for Mexican drugs," said O'Connor, adding that law enforcement officials in his state are reporting record amounts of fentanyl, oxycontin, and more coming into the state.

"We need to support Texas, but this is a problem that every state in the union needs to be very angry about," O'Connor said.

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