Pence Calls Harris Ahead of Inauguration

Pence Calls Harris Ahead of Inauguration pence in a black suit and blue striped tie in the white house Vice President Mike Pence (Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

By Marisa Herman | Friday, 15 January 2021 02:12 PM

Vice President Mike Pence called Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on Thursday, The Hill reports.

A source familiar with the call told the outlet that Pence offered his assistance to Harris ahead of the inauguration. The Thursday phone call marks the first time that Pence and Harris have spoken since the vice-presidential debate back in October.

Despite calling for a “smooth, orderly, and seamless transition,” President Donald Trump has yet to call President-elect Joe Biden since the election.

According to The Hill, Pence has taken on several duties typically carried out by the president in the final days of their term.

In addition to calling Harris on Thursday, Pence also attended a briefing on security at the inauguration, which he is scheduled to attend. He also greeted National Guard members stationed at the Capitol.

On Friday, he flew to attend the funeral of pilot Chuck Yeager. On Saturday, he is scheduled to speak in California and then in New York on Sunday to promote the administration's military achievements, according to The Hill.

His conversation with Harris came over a week after protesters stormed the Capitol as lawmakers gathered to certify the 2020 election results. The rioters threatened Pence and other lawmakers. Many wanted Pence to find a way to challenge the election results in Trump’s favor. Pence said he did not have the authority to reject Biden’s win over Trump.

Trump’s reluctance to accept the election results, which he claims were fraudulent, have caused a bumpy transition. According to The Hill, the General Services Administration was late in getting information to the incoming administration.

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