Peter Navarro: COVID Mandates ‘Never Would Have Happened’ Under Trump

Peter Navarro: COVID Mandates 'Never Would Have Happened' Under Trump (Newsmax/''Eric Bolling The Balance'')

By Charles Kim | Monday, 30 May 2022 06:56 PM

Peter Navarro, a former adviser under former President Donald Trump, told Newsmax on Monday that the mandates and restrictions implemented during the administration of President Joe Biden ''would never have happened'' if Trump were still in office.

''The idea that it would be a crapshoot where the World Health Organization could decide whether to give us a dystopian scenario for monkeypox or something else, or the other scenario of herd immunity again,'' Navarro said on "Eric Bolling The Balance."

''One million people do not trust the World Health Organization. They do not trust Tony Fauci. They do not trust the National Institute[s] of Health. And why? For good reason. All of those institutions let the American people down, and not only that, [but they also] killed Americans. So, this is this is a serious situation. But look, elections have consequences. This never would have happened in the Trump White House.''

Navarro said the Trump administration began 2020 not knowing much about the COVID-19 outbreak but learned ''a lot'' in the months after, and how to best try to handle the situation.

''We've learned a lot about this particular virus,'' he said. ''We've learned that the herd immunity strategy is far superior. We've learned that a vaccine strategy should be a parsimonious one where only the people who are most at risk should be given the choice of that, that you don't jab our kids, you don't jab healthy soldiers, you don't force truck drivers and policemen to do that, at the risk of losing their jobs. We've learned all of that.''

He said that the push to implement vaccine passports have little to do with keeping people safe, but to exercise control over the population.

''There are people around this country, the woke left, the liberal left,'' he said. ''I think they see these vaccine passports as not just a way of addressing a health issue in a meaningful way, but it's control.''

He said that during the pandemic in the United States, less restrictive states such as Florida fared much better than more restrictive ones such as New York, which implemented lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

He said that using a herd immunity strategy, similar to what Sweden did, compared to the lockdowns in communist China and even Australia, ended up being the correct call.

''The jury is not still out on that,'' he said. ''The jury's in, and Sweden's strategy worked far better. Far better.''


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