Peter Navarro to Newsmax: Trump Think Tank Out to Get Former President

Peter Navarro to Newsmax: Trump Think Tank Out to Get Former President (Newsmax/''The Chris Salcedo Show'')

By Solange Reyner | Thursday, 04 August 2022 06:05 PM EDT

Former White House adviser Peter Navarro told Newsmax on Thursday that far too many people in the White House, department agencies and Cabinet secretaries stuck former President Donald Trump ''in the back, in the chest and everywhere in between with a combination of evilness and incompetence'' and that the America First Policy Institute ''stink tank'' is using Trump's ''good name to raise a bunch of money like grifters.''

''A bunch of those people are out to basically get President Trump and drag him out. They're pushing this Trumpism without Trump,'' Navarro said on ''The Chris Salcedo Show.''

''This guy Bobby Jindal, the ex-governor of Louisiana, has been pushing this Trump without Trumpism agenda since 2017, and he's on'' the board of Trump's think tank, the America First Policy Institute.

''It's crazy stuff. It's laden with people who don't belong there. His economics team is a joke. It's a stink tank. I told the boss, 'You have to put someone like Liz Harrington or Johnny McAfee at the top, clean that place out, but if you don't do that, tell them to stop using your good name to raise their grifter money.''

In late July, Navarro published an article stating that Trump's think tank was preparing to betray him by replacing the former president with their own anointed Republican in name only, or RINO.

He also writes about some of the AFPI members and others who have ''stuck'' Trump in the back in his book ''Taking Back Trump's America,'' including Jared Kushner, the former president's son-in-law and senior adviser.

Navarro said Trump would still be in the White House if Kushner hadn't been on his staff.

''Jared's M.O. is take credit for whatever success we had, blame anybody when something didn't work. This book he has coming out is fiction. It's not fact,'' Navarro said.

''Time after time, whether it's mismanagement of the campaign, mismanagement of the pandemic, taking too much credit for NAFTA, taking too much credit for the Abraham Accords, the guy was just a one-man wrecking crew. Thirty-six years old when he got in there, with training. The only qualification he had was he was the boss's son-in-law. Bad personnel is bad policy is bad politics. That's Jared Kushner in a nutshell.''

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