Poll: Half Say Vaccine Passports Necessary to Fight Pandemic

Poll: Half Say Vaccine Passports Necessary to Fight Pandemic a passport with a syringe on the cover (Dreamstime)

By Brian Freeman | Sunday, 09 May 2021 06:43 PM

Half of Americans said that vaccine passports are necessary to fight against the coronavirus pandemic, according to a recent poll released by USA RX.

When asked if they support the idea of having vaccine passports, 60.6% said yes, 28% opposed and 11.4% were neutral.

Other results from the survey include:

  • Among Democrats,74% backed vaccine passports and 13.7% were opposed. Among Republicans, 49.8% were for the idea, while 44.3% were against it.
  • When asked about needing proof of vaccination in order to take part in certain public activities, 64.8% said it was anywhere between somewhat and extremely important, 26.6% said it was somewhat to absolutely inappropriate, and 8.6% were neutral.
  • Among Democrats, 79.2% said it was anywhere between somewhat and extremely important, while only 49.8% of Republicans agreed
  • Among those refusing to get vaccinated, 76.8% said their major worry about vaccine passports was about being denied participation in certain activities, because they don’t believe in the vaccine
  • The most common worry overall among all survey participants was that it would be unfair to those who are unable to get vaccinated (47.4%). The next most common concern was the potential of others using fraudulent documentation (45%), while 44.8% expressed privacy concerns about sharing medical information.
  • Among respondents, 55% said they already had or were planning to get vaccinated, 24.7% said they probably will. 10.3% said they probably won’t and 10.1% said they definitely won’t.
  • The top reason people are considering not getting vaccinated is due to potential long-term side effects (57.3%). The second most cited reason (46.3%) was short-term side effects or having a bad reaction. Third on this list (41.3%) was concern that vaccines were developed to quickly to be safe.

The poll asked 1,014 people their sentiments of vaccine passports. Among them, 55% were men and 45% were women. Respondent ages ranged from 24 to 64 years old with an average age of 38.To help ensure that all respondents took the survey seriously, they were required to identify and correctly answer an attention-check question.