Poll: President Biden’s Job-Approval Rating Now Underwater in 48 States

Poll: President Biden's Job-Approval Rating Now Underwater in 48 States Joe Biden President Joe Biden. (Getty Images)

By Jay Clemons | Monday, 04 July 2022 05:31 PM EDT

A new CIVIQS survey has President Joe Biden posting an "underwater" job-approval rating in 48 different states, including his home state of Delaware and the typically left-leaning California.

The term "underwater" refers to a politician's disapproval rating being higher than his/her approval numbers.

In the president's case, CIVIQS has Biden with an average of 30% approval and 58% disapproval.

The only states where Biden's approval rating trumps the disapproval figure: Hawaii (45%/42%) and Vermont (44%/38%).

Here are the lowest-rated approval states for Biden, citing the CIVIQS survey from July 3:

Wyoming: 16% approve/78% disapprove
North Dakota: 17% approve/76% disapprove
West Virginia: 17% approve/75% disapprove
Kentucky: 19% approve/72% disapprove
Tennessee: 20% approve/69% disapprove
Utah: 20% approve/66% disapprove
Idaho: 20% approve/73% disapprove
Oklahoma: 20% approve/71% disapprove
Arkansas: 21% approve/70% disapprove
Missouri: 22% approve/69% disapprove

Here are Biden's highest-ranking states, approval-wise, via CIVIQS:

Hawaii: 45% approve/42% disapprove
Vermont: 44% approve/38% disapprove
Massachusetts: 40% approve/45% disapprove
Washington: 38% approve/50% disapprove
California: 37% approve/48% disapprove
Maryland: 37% approve/48% disapprove
Illinois: 36% approve/51% disapprove
New York: 36% approve/50% disapprove

And here are Biden's approval/disapproval numbers with battleground states:

Arizona: 26% approve/63% disapprove
Georgia: 26% approve/62% disapprove
Florida: 29% approve/59% disapprove
Michigan: 32% approve/56% disapprove
Nevada: 29% approve/59% disapprove
North Carolina: 30% approve/59% disapprove
Ohio: 26% approve/63% disapprove
Pennsylvania: 31% approve/57% disapprove
Wisconsin: 33% approve/57% disapprove

For this survey, Biden's aggregate approval rating of 30% marks his lowest number since becoming president (January 2021).

Also on Monday, the disapproval rate of 58% reached its highest point of the Biden presidency.

Citing various polls, over the last few months, President Biden's favorability rating has consistently been in the low-to-mid-30s.

Biden is also underwater with independent respondents, with only 18% approving of his work to date, while 68% disapprove of the president's time in the White House.

In the last 18 months, the Biden administration has seen a baby formula shortage; surging prices for meat, chicken, and other proteins; 40-year highs with inflation; supply chain issues; record-high gas prices; and the hasty Afghanistan withdrawal, which led to the Taliban taking over the country.

The CIVIQS rolling job approval average tracked 220,951 responses between Jan. 20 and July 3, and covered various regions of the United States.

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