Poll: Republicans, Swing-State Indies Want Americans Hired Before Immigrants

Poll: Republicans, Swing-State Indies Want Americans Hired Before Immigrants Poll: Republicans, Swing-State Indies Want Americans Hired Before Immigrants (Dreamstime)

By Charlie McCarthy | Thursday, 14 January 2021 07:22 PM

Companies should hire Americans before hiring immigrants, so say nearly all Republicans and a good majority of swing-state voters in new polling results.

Eighty-seven percent of Republicans and 63 percent of independents agreed with a "hire Americans first" approach, according to an Ipsos poll of 1,019 Americans taken between Jan. 11-13.

Meanwhile, Democrats opposed the approach 45 percent to 54 percent, per Breitbart on Thursday.

The Axios-funded poll matches earlier survey results and shows the political risk facing Democrats and President-elect Joe Biden as they promise to welcome job-seeking immigrants. The poll is also relevant for Republican senators as they consider voting for Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden's pro-migration nominee for the Department of Homeland Security.

As with many polls, the actual wording of questions likely matters.

For example, participants were asked: "When jobs are scarce, employers should prioritize hiring people of this country over immigrants?"

The question did not specify whether it meant legal or illegal immigrants

The phrasing could explain why Democrats did not favor Americans over immigrants. In fact, 20 percent of Democrats "strongly disagree" and 35 percent "somewhat disagree" that Americans should have hiring priority.

A Rasmussen Reports poll in November produced a clearer answer.

The Rasmussen questions were: ''When businesses say they are having trouble finding Americans to take jobs in construction, manufacturing, hospitality, and other service work, what is generally best for the country? Is it better for businesses to raise the pay and try harder to recruit non-working Americans even if it causes prices to rise, or is it better for the government to bring in new foreign workers to help keep business costs and prices down?''

Rasmussen results showed 66 percent of Americans prefer pay and recruitment for Americans, while only 19 percent favored additional foreign workers.

Republicans favored recruiting Americans by 74 percent to 13 percent. Swing-state "other" voters answered similarly, by 62 percent to 20 percent.

Democrats also strongly backed Americans over corporate migrants by 64 percent to 23 percent in the Rasmussen poll. That was a 40-point gap with the Ipsos poll.

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