Polls Show Biden’s Reelection Plans Face Uphill Climb

Polls Show Biden's Reelection Plans Face Uphill Climb joe biden leans on podium at gm factory President Joe Biden speaks at the General Motors Factory Zero electric vehicle assembly plant on Nov. 17, 2021, in Detroit, Michigan. (Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

By Charlie McCarthy | Tuesday, 23 November 2021 09:17 AM

President Joe Biden will have a difficult time getting reelected, based on numerous polls that show him trailing behind former President Donald Trump in a 2024 rematch.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday that Biden planned to seek reelection.

"He is. That's his intention," Psaki said.

Biden, 79, has seen his approval rating plummet since late August, around the time of the disastrous U.S. troops withdrawal from Afghanistan.

As the economy endures skyrocketing inflation, polls suggest Biden faces an uphill climb.

A Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll published on Thursday found that just 39% of Americans would vote for Biden in 2024, and 44% said they'd vote for Trump.

An Emerson College poll released Nov. 5 showed Trump beating Biden 45% to 43%.

Emerson overestimated Biden's support in 2020, predicting he would win Florida by 6 percentage points and Ohio by 1 percentage point just two days before the election. Trump won Florida by more than 3 percentage points and took Ohio by 8 percentage points.

Biden's approval rating fell to a new low of 38% in a USA Today/Suffolk University poll released Nov. 7, with 59% disapproving of the job he is doing as chief executive.

A CBS-YouGov Poll released Sunday found that 67% of Americans disapprove of Biden's handling of the inflation.

Poll tracker FiveThirtyEight, which tracks the president's approval based on analysis of a wide range of polls and its own system of pollster ratings, had Biden’s approval at 42.8% on Tuesday. His disapproval was 52.2%.

Betting odds also indicate Biden will be the underdog in 2024. Betfair had Trump 3-1 and Biden 4-1 on Tuesday to win the next presidential election. Vice President Kamala Harris was at 5-1.

Policies aren't the only things giving voters pause when it comes to voting for Biden. A Fox News poll conducted from Nov. 14-17 found that 53% of respondents agreed that Biden's age was "interfering with his ability to serve effectively as president."

A recent Politico/Morning Consult poll also found that respondents were concerned about Biden’s ability to do the job. A plurality of 48% said was not mentally fit.

Biden would be 82 during the start of his second term.

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