Pompeo: Election Showed Americans ‘Reclaiming Their Country’

Pompeo: Election Showed Americans 'Reclaiming Their Country' mike pompeo speaks at conference Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks at Jerusalem Post's annual conference on Oct. 12, 2021, in Jerusalem, Israel. (Amir Levy/Getty Images)

By Charlie McCarthy | Wednesday, 03 November 2021 02:32 PM

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Glenn Youngkin's victory in the Virginia gubernatorial race bodes well for the entire nation.

"This is a national phenomenon where Americans are reclaiming their country," Pompeo said Wednesday morning on Fox News.

Youngkin shocked Democrats and most pollsters by defeating former Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe in a state that President Joe Biden won by 10 percentage points last year.

"McAuliffe ran a race where he embraced the [Service Employees International Union], the most radical teachers union," Pompeo said on Fox News. "He ran a race where he talked about abortion. Glenn Youngkin punched back.

"These aren't fake culture wars. These are about how we live our lives here in the United States of America."

Pompeo, considered a potential contender for the 2024 Republican national ticket, said Democrats paid dearly for progressives’ actions regarding schools, in which critical race theory and transgender bathroom policies created intense campaign issues.

"In the end, parents matter. Education matters. The left has left them," Pompeo told Fox News. "Remember, in this place, they closed the schools, they kept these kids out of schools and then when they let them come back, they put them in masks, and then they subjected them to the risk that they might be assaulted in their [school] bathrooms. You saw the school board fights in Loudoun County. These things mattered.

"And then they tell parents that you can't call them moms. These are things that are deeply disconnected from who we are as Americans. They've forgotten who we are."

Pompeo said Virginia was decided by two groups: parents, and military members and their families.

"I think this is definitely about parents reclaiming their kids," he said on Fox News. "When they get up in the morning and drive their kids to school and it costs a hundred bucks to fill the gas tank, these are things that strike at the heart of parents who just want the best life for their kids.

"Not only at the Pentagon but down in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, everybody knows somebody who served in Afghanistan. And they are royally hacked off at the fact that President Biden created such a debacle in Afghanistan in a way that this simply did not have to be.

"These are about incompetence and not understanding the American people."

Pompeo added that Biden probably "woke up in Glasgow this morning [and] sees this as a real nightmare because he knows his party has been hijacked by the progressive left."

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