‘Porch Pirate Granny’ Plunders, Then Returns Items

'Porch Pirate Granny' Plunders, Then Returns Items 'Porch Pirate Granny' Plunders, Then Returns Items (Scott Olson/Getty)

By Nick Koutsobinas | Saturday, 04 September 2021 03:15 PM

An older woman dubbed the "porch pirate granny" has been stealing items off the porches of a suburban neighborhood.

"What is in your mind thinking in the morning 'you know what I'm going to get up and go steal wreaths.' Like who thinks like that?" Diana Flores said in regards to a wreath she had stolen from her porch, according to KRIS 6 News.

Flores caught the woman on video stealing a sunflower wreath for her daughter two weeks ago.

"I saw her peak into my window, and I thought 'what is she doing?' and then she went back and just yanked it off," Flores added.

Marissa Cisneros, Flores' daughter, says she helped her mother post about the woman on Facebook. What started only as an act to gain a wreath back soon turned into a community forum. Members of the community soon started posting to Facebook about how they also had items stolen from their porches.

One neighbor, Debbie Guerra, said she caught the "porch pirate granny," stealing a meaningful plant from her driveway. Guerra was gifted the plant after her husband's funeral. At one point, the plant froze, but Guerra brought it back to life.

Soon after, posts about the plant started getting attention. One day, when Debbie was looking outside, she was shocked to see her plant returned in one piece. Video footage shows a man in a black hoodie returning the plant in the middle of the night.

The porch pirate granny also returned Flores's wreath. Video shows her returning it then speeding away in her car.

"If nothing else, it will bring people together and make everybody start looking out for each other and other neighborhoods, too," Guerra said.

Both women said they do not intend to press charges. For Flores, she simply wants to know "why" her items were stolen in the first place.