Prosecutors Try to Change Rittenhouse Bond Agreement Over White Supremacist Signs

Prosecutors Try to Change Rittenhouse Bond Agreement Over White Supremacist Signs proud boys member dong okay sign A members of the Proud Boys shows his T-shirt with the Proud Boys motto during a protest Dec. 12 in Washington, DC. (Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

By Theodore Bunker | Thursday, 14 January 2021 05:03 PM

Wisconsin prosecutors are seeking to change the terms of release for Kyle Rittenhouse, who faces charges connected to the Aug. 25 shooting in Kenosha, after he allegedly made "white supremacist signs" after meeting with members of the Proud Boys, according to Fox News.

Rittenhouse, who was released on a $2 million bond while awaiting trial, went to the bar Pudgy's Pub in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, with his mother and a few other people, where he posed for pictures and made the "OK" sign, which white supremacists have adopted as a covert signal of support.

Prosecutors note in their motion that several people in the bar sang the song, "Proud of Your Boy," which was written for the 1992 movie "Aladdin," to Rittenhouse, and the "violent white supremacist group called the 'Proud Boys' was named after this song, which is sung by its members as an anthem and for self-identification."

"The Proud Boys have been involved in several extremist rallies and movements, and multiple Proud Boys members have been arrested for various assaultive crimes," the motion states. "Indeed, members of the Proud Boys group have been tied to the breach of the United States Capitol Building on Jan. 6, 2021, and at least one of their leaders has been arrested and charged in connection with the event."

The prosecutors add Rittenhouse's "continued association with members of a group that prides itself on violence, and the use of their symbols, raises the significant possibility of future harm" and "this association may serve to intimidate potential witnesses."