Raul Mas to Newsmax TV: Focus on Mental Health, Not Gun Control

Raul Mas to Newsmax TV: Focus on Mental Health, Not Gun Control (Newsmax TV/"John Bachman Now")

By Theodore Bunker | Monday, 19 April 2021 06:42 PM

Raul Mas, the chief executive of Gladius Consulting, told “John Bachman Now” on Newsmax TV Monday that legislators should focus on the country’s “very serious mental health issue,” in order to reduce mass shootings.

“I think there's only so much that you could do with legislation that's being proposed, and that, in fact is already on the books,” he said. “And I think part of the problem here is that there is a lack of recognition. That what we have in America is a very serious mental health issue, and it comes after decades of just ignoring the fact that we have as many people as we do walking the streets of America who are in serious need of some mental health assistance. And this young man, age 19, is obviously one prime example."

Mas said, “But that's not where the politicians, or at least the Biden administration, wants to go. They want to shift the balance to basically an inanimate object, which is a firearm, as opposed to making some serious inroads into what we've seen time and time and time again. Young men, by and large young men, that are very angry, who have had a history of run-ins with the law, run-ins with family members, with figures of authority, suicidal. All sorts of things, and eventually [they] take matters into their own hands and this is what happened. We saw it here in South Florida."

He added, “I went to the funerals and several of those poor individuals shot and killed in Parkland, and let me tell you, Nicholas Cruz was one demented young man. And he should have been stopped very early on, everybody knew he was a danger and yet nothing happened.”

Mas later said that the “state of Florida is by-and-large gun-friendly, although under Gov. Rick Scott, you know, we basically disenfranchised millions of young Floridians by raising the age to own a rifle or shotgun from 18 to 21 that, quite frankly, in my view was something that shouldn't have happened. You know, you have the ability for those young men and women to basically enter the armed forces and carry an M-16 [rifle] off of the battle[field], but they can't buy a semiautomatic shotgun a rifle and use it the you know, hunting or shoot targets with. "

He concluded, “I think it was a big mistake, but we do have a lot of protection [in the] state of Florida, and one of the protections that we have is at the state level. We have a law that prohibits local municipalities from putting, you know, putting out their own gun laws and trying to impose those restrictions on those of us in particular who live in urban areas. That law has been on the books since 1987. It's worked very well to avoid a patchwork of different gun laws throughout the state, but some municipalities, including my own municipality, here in Coral Gables, tried to basically take matters into their own hands. And luckily we were able to stop that.”

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