Reagan Biographer Shirley to Newsmax: Book Highlights Trump’s Greatest Speeches

Reagan Biographer Shirley to Newsmax: Book Highlights Trump's Greatest Speeches (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Wednesday, 05 October 2022 01:48 PM EDT

Former President Donald Trump ranks among the greatest presidential speech makers in American history, so it made sense to pull together some of his top addresses into a new book, Craig Shirley, a presidential historian and biographer for late President Ronald Reagan who also wrote the book's introduction, said on Newsmax Wednesday.

"It was a mutual agreement by Humanix and myself, and they eventually came to me and said 'we think there's a book here,' " Shirley said on Newsmax's "National Report" about the book, "The Greatest Speeches of Donald J. Trump," which came out this week.

Shirley said he and his wife, Zorine, went through about 100 of Trump's speeches and ended up picking 27 to go in the book.

And, he added that while he wouldn't put Trump in the ranks of Reagan or late Presidents John F. Kennedy or Franklin Delano Roosevelt, he'd rank him right behind them.

"With all his speeches, there's a general patriotic message, the pro-American message," said Shirley. "There's a unity message … looking forward to a future of prosperity, of the future, of hope for future."

However, Trump's speeches are often "smothered" by the liberal national media, and that's why a focus needs to be put on them, said Shirley.

"They are quite good, and they almost uniformly called for the unity of the American people," said Shirley. "You can't help but think of the contrast with Joe Biden's nervous speech a couple of weeks ago, where he castigated the American people."

The book includes Trump's July 4 address at Mount Rushmore and his inauguration speech, and Shirley called the Rushmore address "one of the great patriotic speeches by an American president."

He called the inauguration speech "courageous."

"For him to go into the belly of the beast and castigate them and tear them apart, to say you are the problem with America. I thought it was that that was gutsy," said Shirley. "I thought it was eloquent and I thought it hit the nail on the head with what's wrong with America, with the elites running America to the ground just as the elites are running America into the ground today."

Trump, Shirley added, "is one of the few members of the Republican Party willing to call the establishment what they are, which is corrupt."


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