Rep. Babin to Newsmax: Violent Pro-Abortion Demonstrators Should Be Arrested

Rep. Babin to Newsmax: Violent Pro-Abortion Demonstrators Should Be Arrested Newsmax/"National Report"

By Charlie McCarthy | Monday, 27 June 2022 01:10 PM

Violent acts by pro-abortion demonstrators likely won't subside soon and should be the focus of law enforcement agencies, Rep. Brian Babin, R-Texas, told Newsmax on Monday.

Babin appeared on "National Report" and was asked if violence seen during the weekend in places such as Portland, Oregon, Los Angeles, South Carolina and Colorado will continue.

"It certainly looks like that," Babin told co-host Shaun Kraisman. "These are anarchists. These are Marxists. These are nihilists. There are people who are probably, more than likely, being paid to go out and do these types of things.

"What kind of people go out and firebomb churches pregnancy centers and … even a pro-abortion institution facility was firebombed as well."

Babin, who said "we're seeing Democrats demonize and scare people," called for law enforcement agencies to arrest people committing violent acts.

"To attack an officer with a flame thrower – he’s lucky he wasn’t shot," said Babin, referring to an incident in L.A. "The Democrat prosecutors in these blue jurisdictions, where most this unrest in happening, the Democrat politicians are silent. The Democrat D.A.s don't seem to go out and prosecute.

"Instead, we're seeing a continuation of midnight arrests, raids on Jan. 6 rioters from a year-and-a-half ago. So, I think their priorities are really, really misplaced here."

Babin introduced a bill, H.Res. 1183, that denounces "domestic terrorism," such as that seen after the Supreme Court on Friday overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling creating a constitutional right to an abortion.

"[The bill] urges the Department if Justice to swiftly to prosecute these groups and individuals engaging in violent acts and it calls on [President Joe] Biden's administration to protect these organizations who are supporting expecting mothers," Babin told Newsmax.

Babin said "there was never a right for an abortion written into the Constitution."

"What has happened here, the Supreme Court has simply ruled that it’s time to return the decision of abortion restrictions to the citizens of each state, and the power is put directly into the hands of the people who decide the future of abortion in their own states,” Babin told Newsmax.

"It may be a totally different outcome in each different state but it will be decided by the votes of millions of citizens rather than nine black-coated justices on the Supreme Court."

Babin also was asked about the Trump administration policy of "Remain in Mexico," which forced migrants to remain south of the border until their immigration hearing had been held.

The Supreme Court was expected to rule on whether the Biden administration can terminate the policy.

"You’ve got ineptitude. You’ve got a deliberate strategy of open borders,” Babin told Newsmax of the southern border crisis. "You’ve got an ignoring of the Constitution and their oaths of office. They won’t uphold the Constitution. They won’t enforce the law. This is what their oaths are supposed to be at the executive branch. We’ve got absolute chaos down there [at the southern border]."


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