Rep. Biggs to Newsmax: FBI Crossed ‘Rubicon’ With Trump Raid

Rep. Biggs to Newsmax: FBI Crossed 'Rubicon' With Trump Raid (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Monday, 15 August 2022 01:48 PM EDT

By raiding former President Donald Trump's Florida home, the FBI crossed "the rubicon" by going "too far without authority," Rep. Andy Biggs said on Newsmax on Monday.

"This is a longstanding pattern of the police state apparatus beginning with forged and falsified affidavits to get a FISA warrant on campaign workers in Trump's original campaign in 2016 and the additional manipulation of records and data for the two impeachments," Biggs, an Arizona Republican, said on Newsmax's "National Report." "You have the Mueller report that came out and debunked the entire Russia hoax theory and all of this was using the police apparatus."

And now, with the Mar-a-Lago raid, the FBI has gone so far that it and the Department of Justice "have no longer got the trust of the American people," Biggs said.

However, he disagrees that speaking out against the FBI should lead Americans to be making threats of violence toward the agency, or that his criticism should be taken as a call to do so.

"That's not what you should be doing, but the First Amendment allows us to provide critique, especially for political purposes, and I am politically speaking out saying, 'Look, the FBI has lost the trust of the American people, and it's lost it because of its abuse of the American people,'" Biggs said. "That doesn't mean we take arms to the street or threaten police or the FBI."

It means, he continued, that Congress must oversee the FBI and take action to hold those who "continue to perpetuate these falsities and this abuse of American people accountable," but that doesn't mean violence.

Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress are calling for the affidavit used in the warrant to search Trump's home to be unsealed, but Biggs said that may not be enough to ease concerns.

"Don't forget we have seen affidavits fudged, and we had one FBI agent be criminally prosecuted for fudging a FISA warrant application, so these affidavits in and of themselves aren't going to solve much," he said.

Biggs on Monday also spoke out against last week's passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, telling Newsmax that Biden is speaking out against "special interest groups" that oppose the bill at the same time that the legislation is "laden with special interest money, literally hundreds of billions of dollars going to the Green New Deal."

"What he's forgetting is that he's raising taxes on lower- and middle-income people who will especially bear the brunt of that through the tax increase that he's engaged in," said Biggs. "So he's put in recessionary regulations with the Green New Deal and with the text that's going to add to the recession. At the same time, all of that spending is going to actually exacerbate and fuel additional inflation."

Further, the bill doubles the size of the IRS, which will "go after and tip over every American business and individual, shake them by the legs to see if they can get any dimes and quarters and nickels out of their pockets to pay for some of this bloated deficit and debt," said Biggs.


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