Rep. Biggs to Newsmax TV: Biden Policies ‘Driving’ Border Chaos

Rep. Biggs to Newsmax TV: Biden Policies 'Driving' Border Chaos (Newsmax TV/"National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Friday, 09 April 2021 12:58 PM

The Biden administration must stand up and take responsibility for the situation at the nation's border, because "it's their policies that are driving this," Rep. Andy Biggs told Newsmax TV Friday.

"I think they're fine with what's happening," the Arizona Republican said on Newsmax TV's "National Report." "That's why they tried to keep the media out, so the media wouldn't see how bad this is. If they really cared, they would have been out on this border six weeks ago."

Several members of Congress have already visited border zones to view the chaos first hand, said Biggs, and he's headed to the border again this weekend "because there is so much to see."

"It's a 2,300-mile border and every area is being assaulted in a different way, and you have to come to understand that they don't care. That's why they're not there."

Further, Health and Human Services Alejandro Mayorkas said initially that eventually, the immigrants could come to the United States, but "'just not yet,'" said Biggs, and that was the "wrong message."

"You have to send a message saying that you cannot come. You cannot enter our country illegally," he said. "This is why the cartels are doing this. They're sending these people between the ports of entry. A family unit coming between the ports of entry is going to be within our interior in about 24-48 hours."

Immigrants arriving at designated ports of entry, however, won't be let in, and that is the distinction between who can come in and who is being held back, he added.

Meanwhile, Biggs said in his own state, the Tuscon sector is the "number two region" for migrant apprehensions, and there is also an increase in drug trafficking coming from across the border. Soon, he added, the migrant movement will be a national, not just regional, problem.

"We talk about Arizona and other border states being hit hard, (but) don't forget that these people where I was, anyway, in the Rio Grande Valley just yesterday, these people are going to be within 24 hours, typically after surrendering, they're going to be sent by bus or airplane to all parts of the country. This is going to impact the entire country."

He also commented on reports that it is costing the United States $60 million a week to house migrant children who have come unaccompanied across the border, noting that, "We have to face the fact that that this is a tremendous cost just to maintain on and process these folks, and, frankly, this administration is okay with that," said Biggs. "They campaigned on open borders. This is what open borders look like. "

Further, the administration will "stick a fence around" the U.S. Capitol to keep people out, but it won't finish the border fence to secure the United States, said Biggs

"They won't stop people from coming," said Biggs. "This president better stand up and say quit coming. It is more than a crisis. It is a catastrophe. It's chaos on the border."

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