Rep. Billy Long to Newsmax: US Lost Independence With Biden in Office

Rep. Billy Long to Newsmax: US Lost Independence With Biden in Office (Newsmax/"John Bachman Now")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Monday, 04 April 2022 05:01 PM

Rep. Billy Long on Monday ripped the Biden administration and Democrats for being out of touch with the American people on energy and other matters, telling Newsmax that the country has not been energy independent since Jan. 19, 2021, or former President Donald Trump's last day in office because of President Joe Biden's zeal to erase Trump's presidential actions.

"Joe Biden had such a severe case of Trump derangement syndrome, the minute he got into office, he wanted to undo everything Donald J. Trump had done, including on the Keystone XL pipeline, the remain in Mexico policy, just anything," the Missouri Republican said on Newsmax's "John Bachman Now." "We need to get some adults back in control over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue."

Biden keeps talking about the nation's recovery, Long added, but Americans are feeling the pain of higher oil prices everywhere they go.

"I heard a talk show host this morning talking about he was getting ready to buy a new set of tires and he said it seemed like the price was up. 20-30%," said Long. "That's a petroleum product. People just know what they know, and they know how much money they have to spend every month. They're not used to paying $4.50, $5 a gallon."

Retired NFL tight end Shannon Sharpe faced criticism over the weekend for saying on Twitter that he would not mind paying $20 a gallon for gas so long as Trump was not the president again, Long noted, telling Newsmax that people with such opinions are part of the problem.

"Let Shannon Sharpe stand there with a gas card and hand it out to people that need it," said Long, adding that the nation's jobs report is up because people are getting second and third jobs to "pay for bread in the grocery store and gas at the gas pump."

Long also commented on the likely confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for the next Supreme Court justice, telling Newsmax that he thinks was determined from the first day she was nominated that she would take the bench.

"I think Josh Hawley, the senator from Missouri, did an excellent job pointing out these things on these lenient sentences on child abuse," said Long. "I think The New York Post will probably be removed from Twitter today for reporting that story as much as they were that Hunter Biden story which now all proves to be true. And I think that one may have legs on ending this Joe Biden presidency. I think that when the news media is finally coming out on Hunter Biden, I think that Joe Biden has a lot of problems."

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