Rep. Braun to Newsmax: Biden Needs Agenda Roadshow For ‘Falling Apart’ Push

Rep. Braun to Newsmax: Biden Needs Agenda Roadshow For 'Falling Apart' Push Sen. Mike Braun, R-Ind.

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Tuesday, 05 October 2021 02:21 PM

President Joe Biden is going on a roadshow to promote his agenda and a multitrillion dollar funding bill because it's taking much longer than Democrats had imagined to get the legislation passed, Sen. Mike Braun, R-Ind., told Newsmax on Tuesday.

"This thing is kind of falling apart," Braun said of Biden's proposed legislation on Newsmax's "National Report."

"Part of that has to do with the fact that they've been putting legislation out there like they had a huge mandate, You've got a three-vote margin in the House and when you tee up $6.5 trillion, like they have from the get-go, with that $1.9 trillion that's already under our belt with the rescue plan, that is ambitious … that political gambit was going to inevitably run into where it is now. "

The spending bill also is risky politically, and Biden appears to be making a "floundering presentation to the American public," Braun said.

"You throw the southern border crisis along with what happened in Afghanistan, this is turning into a juggling act," he said.

Meanwhile, there is also the complication with the debt ceiling. Biden on Monday told Republicans to "get out of our way" and allow the ceiling to be raised, but the vote will not get the GOP support it needs to pass, as there "will not be a Republican that breaks rank," Braun said.

"If that happens, that would be sad on our end, because we've been complicity on the spending right through 2020," said Braun, adding that a $4 trillion for emergency COVID spending was done under former President Donald Trump with complete bipartisan support, "even though I think that was too much."

Braun also addressed threats that were made against Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., who was cornered in a university restroom by people angry over her stance against the spending bill.

"I don't see many Republican activists that are taking that kind of approach," said Braun, adding that he doesn't like that it's been said such actions happen on both sides.

"That's another way to try to coax people into getting some type of comfortability with everything they're trying to do, and it's really falling apart in front of them. It doesn't surprise me that they're going to say this kind of stuff and call it standard operating procedure. That's not the case. That was appalling."

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