Rep. Brooks to Newsmax: US Temporary Status Program Needs Reforms

Rep. Brooks to Newsmax: US Temporary Status Program Needs Reforms Mo Brooks Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala. (AP)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Monday, 18 April 2022 11:59 AM

Rep. Mo Brooks, who has introduced a bill to reform the nation's Temporary Protected Status program for immigrants, said Monday on Newsmax that those who enter the nation illegally have "forfeited all right to claim any of our protections that might otherwise be given to people who come in lawfully."

"What we have with this TPS bill is quite simple," the Alabama Republican said on Newsmax's "National Report." "We have illegal aliens coming into our country and then claiming some kind of status that would enable them to stay in our country permanently."

The bill, Brooks said, "denies illegal aliens the benefit of this particular section of laws that otherwise might be used had they come in the right way rather than the wrong way."

Brooks said Americans are paying the cost of illegal immigration, including through their tax dollars and with lives being lost because of the porous southern border.

The situation has happened because of the Biden administration's policies, said Brooks, adding that the more widely open borders have caused lost wages and lost jobs and have undermined Americans' ability to "work at a standard of living that they would prefer."

However, as the Biden administration has a "real simple" policy of a "welcome mat and a happy meal" to welcome immigrants, the issues at the border are continuing, said Brooks.

"I was at the Arizona border just a few weeks ago, and in the backdrop, as I was being filmed talking to my chief of staff, you had illegal aliens crossing our border and climbing up the river bank and then immediately searching for the Border Patrol agents to get into their air-conditioned van and be given refreshments at the holding facility before they're distributed around the United States of America," said Brooks. "That is not border security, President Biden. That is open borders."

Last year, more than 2 million immigrants crossed the border, he added, and that is proof that the administration is violating the Constitution by not protecting the United States from "an invasion.

"In my judgment that is also an impeachable offense," said Brooks.

The immigration system also allows businesses to "profit by hiring cheap foreign labor rather than paying Americans a living wage," said Brooks. "We've got a real problem in the United States, but it comes down to the American people."

Brooks also commented on the Russia-Ukraine war, and said that while humanitarian and military aid continues to flow into Ukraine from the United States and around the world, "what it comes down to is we've got a very horrible evil person in charge of Russia by the name of [Vladimir] Putin."

"We have to also hope and pray that the people of Russia will replace Putin as their leader," said Brooks, noting that the United States and other countries regularly replace leaders.

"Unfortunately the dictatorial nature of Putin is such that the people of Russia have not been able to get better leadership," he said. "Hopefully they'll see the light and they'll do exactly that."

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