Rep. Buck to Newsmax: New Iran Deal ‘Needs to Be Blocked’

Rep. Buck to Newsmax: New Iran Deal 'Needs to Be Blocked' (Newsmax/"Stinchfield")

By Luca Cacciatore | Monday, 04 April 2022 09:59 PM

Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., told Newsmax on Monday that the new Iran nuclear deal proposed by the Biden administration "needs to be blocked."

The comments by the Colorado congressman on "Stinchfield" follow the release of a Republican Study Committee memo which warns President Biden that if he does not submit the deal to Congress, they will work to delegitimize the deal "as soon as possible."

Buck emphasized the importance of Republicans winning the midterms in 2022 to block the new deal, which would send Iran close to $100 billion in exchange for them pledging not to develop nuclear weapons, according to Forbes.

The new Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action "would never pass the Senate if it was presented as a treaty," Buck claimed.

"The way we are treating Russia – by doing everything we can not to engage with Russia because they are nuclear power – when Iran becomes a nuclear power, we will also have that same concern," he added. "We can't allow Iran to reach that point, and this deal absolutely allows them to become a nuclear power."

Buck also criticized the U.S. military's decision to cancel ballistic missile tests in order to avoid escalation with Russia, attributing it to weakness in the Biden administration.

"Russia is bombing maternity wards. Russia is building mass graves for civilians. They have bombed a school that was sheltering civilians. They have done everything they can" to raise tensions, Buck said.

"We aren't doing anything to antagonize them [Russia] or raise awareness. This is crazy … President Putin is getting away with too much."

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