Rep. Buck to Newsmax: ‘Shameful’ Mayorkas Doesn’t Know Chief’s Comments

Rep. Buck to Newsmax: 'Shameful' Mayorkas Doesn't Know Chief's Comments (Newsmax/"John Bachman Now"

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Thursday, 05 May 2022 02:39 PM

It's "shameful" that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas would claim not to know about the remarks his department's new "disinformation czar" has made about Hunter Biden's laptop, Rep. Ken Buck told Newsmax on Thursday.

"Here's a secretary of Homeland Security saying he doesn't know what's going on in his own department," Buck, R-Colo., said on "John Bachman Now." "When someone makes a terrible decision, the least he can do is to say I fired somebody, or somebody was held responsible for this terrible decision."

During grilling before the Senate Appropriations Committee on Wednesday, Mayorkas told Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., that when disinformation board chief Nina Jankowicz was hired to run the board that's been decried as the "ministry of truth" by critics, he did not know she'd called Biden's laptop a result of "Russian disinformation," reports The New York Post.

"I was not aware of that, but we do not discuss the internal hiring process. Ultimately, as the secretary I am responsible for the decisions of the Department of Homeland Security," Mayorkas told Kennedy.

However, Majorkas is not filling the duties of his own job, Buck said.

"He has now let more people across our southern border than in the history of this country," he said. "He has allowed more funding all into this country, more human trafficking in this country, and nobody in his department is being held responsible. He has to ultimately take responsibility for what's going on."

He noted that Jankowicz also referred to the largely discredited Steele dossier, "brought by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign to undermine the Trump campaign, was not disinformation."

"How do you possibly put somebody that is so biased in a position to decide what is truth and what is not true in this country?" Buck said.

Meanwhile, Mayorkas repeatedly has blamed former President Donald Trump for the nation's broken border with Mexico. Buck, who also interviewed the secretary during the ongoing congressional hearings and told him that his constituents "compare you to Benedict Arnold," defended his use of the word treason in connection with Mayorkas.

"No one wants to see our country being invaded as it is at the southern border," Buck told Newsmax. "I wanted to give the secretary an opportunity to respond to what my constituents have been saying. As I travel the country, so many people are saying he has dismantled the great programs that President Trump put in place … the result has been this overwhelming surge at our border that the Border Patrol can barely handle, despite their great efforts."

Buck also discussed the leaked Supreme Court draft document concerning a potential decision to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision, and told Newsmax that he is disappointed that the court, as the "one nonpolitical" branch of government, has to deal with a leak of private documents.

"If this is all true, I am concerned about the safety of the justices and the Supreme Court," he said. "I also think that this is a victory for mothers and this is a victory for babies. If the Supreme Court does ultimately rule his way, I think it puts America back on track from a terrible Roe v. Wade decision that never should have been decided."

He also slammed the release of the documents as a "fundraising move from the Democrats" at a time when they are hurting and don't want people focusing on inflation, the Afghanistan withdrawal, or more.

"This is their opportunity to shift-change the narrative and to try to fundraise off of it, and again, it's unfortunate," Buck said. "The right decision is to let to state legislatures deal with this issue."

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