Rep. Buddy Carter to Newsmax: Inflation Not ‘Transitory’ and Hurts Everyone

Rep. Buddy Carter to Newsmax: Inflation Not 'Transitory' and Hurts Everyone (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Wednesday, 10 November 2021 12:41 PM

The inflation that's hitting Americans' wallets is "obviously not transitory," and even though President Joe Biden has said people who make less than $400,000 won't be paying taxes to fund his agenda plans, that's not true, Rep. Buddy Carter said on Newsmax Wednesday.

"Inflation is nothing more than a tax," the Georgia Republican told Newsmax's "National Report." "This is impacting people. When the price of gas is up 61%, you know the single mom who's trying to make ends meet trying to provide for a family and now she's having to spend more to fill up her car. These are the things that are impacting real Americans."

Biden's steps, he added, are driving up costs for everyone.

"This is the same Joe Biden who, the first thing he did was to stop the Keystone XL pipeline, and yet he approves of the Russian pipeline in Europe and advocates for it," said Carter. "After we've achieved energy Independence, now we're just throwing it away. We're counting on OPEC to pump more oil. I mean, this is ridiculous. We have plenty of oil right here."

Further, the costs of natural gas are climbing, and winter will be "awful" for people who are trying to heat their homes, said Carter.

"The price of natural gas is up 38%, and in this $3.5 trillion tax and spend socialist wish list that they're trying to pass, they want another tax on natural gas, which will increase the price even more meaning that people will struggle to heat their homes and that this is going to break them," he added.

Carter also said he's "very disappointed" that the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed with Republican votes last Friday.

"I'm embarrassed by this and we could have defeated this and therefore stopped this $3.5 trillion spending spree that the Democrats want," said Carter. "This is not Monopoly money we're talking about here. This is real money."

He also disputed the Democrats' statements that the cost of the social spending bill has been dropped from $3.5 trillion to $1.75 trillion.

"It's not going down," said Carter. "All they're doing is cutting back on the length of the program, therefore getting the price down. We all know that once those programs begin, they're not going to end. Ronald Reagan said the closest thing that you ever see to eternity on Earth is a government program because it never stops."

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