Rep. Burchett to Newsmax: China Won’t Be ‘Ridiculous’ Over Pelosi

Rep. Burchett to Newsmax: China Won't Be 'Ridiculous' Over Pelosi (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Monday, 01 August 2022 02:16 PM EDT

China may "rattle the sabers" over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's potential stop in Taiwan, but the communist nation won't take any action despite its threats, Rep. Tim Burchett said on Newsmax on Monday.

"I told somebody that would be the safest trip you can go on," the Tennessee Republican said on Newsmax's "National Report." "It's like they will be riding on cotton balls over there."

And China, said Burchette, is "not going to do anything that's ridiculous," including shooting down her plane, as a Chinese propagandist suggested last week, but still, he said, if China flexes its muscle, "America better stand up and do what's right and visit our allies."

Burchett said the tension over whether Pelosi will visit Taiwan under Chinese threats would not have happened under former President Donald Trump as it is with President Joe Biden in office.

"President Xi [Jinping] would have called Trump and guarantee you in that two-hour conversation, it would not have been dominated by him telling Trump what to do, as he did Biden," Burchett said.

However, China's leaders "see the writing on the wall" and are acting "tough" for their people, but once Republicans are controlling the U.S. government, "this kind of thing will back off."

China, though, has to now "do everything they can to get Taiwan before we take over because when we take over, they know it's a new game and we're not gonna play ball with them," said Burchett. "We will put the full economic might behind America and behind our allies, and that's what we should have been doing all along."

Burchett on Monday also discussed the Biden administration's claims that the proposed Inflation Reduction Act will cut costs after the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation found that the bill would instead raise taxes for the millions of Americans who make less than $400,000 a year.

Burchett said he's not surprised, as the Democrats are "the party of the big money."

"Look at your northeast, California, the Silicon Valley," he said. "Those areas heavily funded, very liberal Democrat candidates, and that's what you're seeing now … we'll go through a 16-hour committee meeting in transportation, and then the liberals will go in Speaker Pelosi's office and rewrite the entire bill."


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