Rep. Burchett to Newsmax: Fauci’s Changing COVID Stories ‘Weird’

Rep. Burchett to Newsmax: Fauci's Changing COVID Stories 'Weird' (Newsmax/"Wake Up America")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Friday, 11 June 2021 10:01 AM

Dr. Anthony Fauci's changing stories about COVID-19 are part of a "weird, weird mechanism" and it's clear that the only people who will win are the Chinese Communist Party, Rep. Tim Burchett told Newsmax Friday.

"I don't know what he studied actually in med school, but you know, this is the classic case, my dad used to talk about (as) a dean at the University of Tennessee," the Tennessee Republican said on Newsmax's "Wake Up America." "They would always bring in the people that caused the problem to fix the problem, and they would profit from it. It's clearly what's going on here, you know."

Fauci has also come under fire for emails between himself and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg concerning the messaging about the pandemic. Burchett said perhaps Fauci should have been like Hillary Clinton "and destroyed them" to have kept them from surfacing.

"It's like they're trying to plan how they're going to market this to the world," said Burchett. "And then, of course, all the science. He keeps saying 'trust the science' as if he is the science … he said don't wear the mask at first, and then it was to wear the mask, then it was double the mask."

And as a result of the confusion, that means only China's communists will win "because it's clear where this thing has come to," said Burchett.

"We were told that in the beginning, this has come from the Wuhan virus," said Burchett. "Here's what's going to happen, they'll a have big hearing in D.C., weeks away, and we'll find out after it's not a news story. I guess (Fauci) should have sent his emails on Hunter Biden's computer and then he would have been all right."

Meanwhile, Burchett said he feels that Fauci and other experts are trying to "fade that untrue story" about the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 starting with a bat.

"The bat wasn't even from that region, you know," said Burchett. "They put it out and the media just eats it up like they're lapdogs for Pavlov. They ring the bell, the liberal elite, and then we just all lap it up and it's just not the case. It hasn't been the case from the beginning. If this virus, if it is evolving, I don't know where it's evolving."

Burchett also said he doesn't know why former President Donald Trump didn't fire Fauci when he had the chance.

"I don't know if Mark Meadows or somebody had his ear and just said leave it alone," said Burchett. "He should have fired him early on when he injected himself into this too much. I mean, you know, we've come to find out now that hand-to-hand transmission doesn't happen. It's clearly an aerosol. You know, in Tennessee, you couldn't get cornbread unless you're masked up and you're gloved up, so it's clearly false information and his science hasn't been the science that we needed to address this from the start."

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