Rep. Burchett to Newsmax: Nothing Coming From Biden, Powell Meeting

Rep. Burchett to Newsmax: Nothing Coming From Biden, Powell Meeting tim burchett speaks into a microphone Rep. Tim Burchett (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Tuesday, 31 May 2022 09:28 AM

There will likely be nothing positive coming out of President Joe Biden's meeting with Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell Tuesday, as the nation is in some "real trouble," Rep. Tim Burchett told Newsmax.

"This head of the Fed made some statement that this was just kind of a guessing game or something to him, and that's not the kind of thing the American public demands or deserves," the Tennessee Republican said on Newsmax's "Wake Up America," adding that under former President Donald Trump, the economy was "growing in leaps in bounds."

"Now it's just stumbling all over itself," said Burchett. "And this weak character that we have in here, and the Fed, it's just ridiculous, and we're in some real trouble."

The meeting will be the first between Biden and Powell in several weeks. According to the White House, the two are to discuss the state of the U.S. and global economy, as well as inflation, which is said to be Biden's "top priority."

But the meeting comes as gas and grocery prices are soaring, and Burchett said the moves Biden has made have amounted to little more than "gimmickry."

AAA reported Tuesday that even with the gas prices being so high, almost 40 million Americans traveled at least 50 miles away from their homes over the Memorial Day weekend, but Burchett said that psychologically, people are "ticked off."

"If you look out now that the prices they're paying for a pound of bacon when they're at the store or a gallon of gas, it's just ridiculous, and this administration is just doing gimmickry," the congressman said. "They released a little bit of oil reserves [but] the market didn't even blip."

He added that Biden said when debating for office, that "we're going to raise these prices to $7 a gallon. We're going to drive people to drive these electric vehicles."

The problem with that is that the nation's electric grid won't support such vehicles, Burchett continued.

"You know you have 4% or 5% driving electric vehicles, and they're all going to come home at 6 o'clock and plug in their cars. Our electric grid will not support that at all," he said. "I think it's going to be a rough summer for the American public until we get some real leadership in Washington."

Burchett also addressed rumors that there could be a ruling coming out soon on the Supreme Court's decision on Roe v. Wade and said the Democrats are needing something that will put them in a positive light, considering the many problems that are going on.

"With Roe v. Wade coming out, I think it's going to drive more conservatives to the polls," said Burchett. "You've got a party that wants abortion up to the point of birth and they fought our efforts even to fight that when a baby is born alive during an abortion, yet the Democrats blocked that legislation."


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