Rep. Burchett to Newsmax: Putin the ‘Alpha Male’ in Talks With Biden

Rep. Burchett to Newsmax: Putin the 'Alpha Male' in Talks With Biden (Newsmax/"Wake Up America")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Tuesday, 07 December 2021 09:43 AM

President Joe Biden "needs to accomplish a lot" with his phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as the United States needs to back Russia away from invading Ukraine, Rep. Tim Burchett said on Newsmax Tuesday, but he doesn't think Biden will succeed.

"Putin's in a powerful position," the Tennessee Republican said on Newsmax's "Wake Up America." "You know, he's the alpha male and in this situation, he's the one riding the buffalo bare-chested and our president's probably driving a Yugo or something."

During the call, Biden is expected to warn Putin that there will be severe economic consequences if there is an invasion. Moscow has already amassed tens of thousands of troops on Ukraine's border, and Putin is demanding legally binding security guarantees that NATO won't expand further east or place weapons close to Russian territory.

Burchett, meanwhile, called the United States' role in world affairs an "embarrassment" under Biden.

"We have no respect and no fear from our enemies and no respect from our friends anymore after the Afghanistan debacle and you're and you're seeing it with China and everybody else," said Burchett, adding that he is sure Biden will be told what to say while he and Putin are speaking.

"I don't expect a whole lot from it," said Burchett.

The congressman, meanwhile, said he's continuously voted for requiring Congress to be involved should military action be ordered by the United States or sought from NATO.

"I don't think that the president should have the ultimate say on that," said Burchett. "You know, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on a Sunday, I think [Franklin Delano] Roosevelt came down on a Monday and asked for a declaration of war and it was given to him by Congress. That's why there are different branches of the government and there's oversight, and that's what we provide in Congress.

However, with Democrats in the majority in both houses, "it's just a rubber stamp for the far left, but I would hope that we'd have better sense if we were talking about sending in American boys and girls."

Meanwhile, former President Ronald Reagan's philosophy of power with strength is still the right philosophy for dealing with Russia, but it's not being followed.

"We go back to Afghanistan," said Burchett. "That's what the world looked at and they just saw us kowtowing to a group of tribal tribesmen, just turning over everything to them. It was an embarrassment to our military and an embarrassment to our intelligence agencies. The Democrats are running from that just as fast as they can."

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