Rep. Byron Donalds to Newsmax: VP Harris Laughs When ‘Her Answer Was Terrible’

Rep. Byron Donalds to Newsmax: VP Harris Laughs When 'Her Answer Was Terrible' (Newsmax/"Stinchfield")

By Eric Mack | Tuesday, 08 June 2021 08:59 PM

While Vice President Kamala Harris, Biden's border czar, declared her trip to Guatemala and Mexico "a success," Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., on Newsmax says her nervous laughs to questions about not going to the southern border say otherwise.

"First of all, she puts out the laugh every time she's cornered and she knows her answer was terrible," Donalds told Tuesday's "Stinchfield." "No. 2, and let me be very clear on this: The reason she's in Guatemala is because in Guatemala you can ignore the disastrous enforcement policies that they have put in."

Donalds noted sex, drugs, and human trafficking by cartels can be pinned on other countries by the Biden administration, as opposed to taking the blame for it coming here.

"All this falls at the feet of this administration and what they have done to the southern border," Donalds told host Grant Stinchfield. "That's why they won't go.

"Because, the longer this goes, it's harder for them to answer these questions. And I don't think they're ever going to go. They want to paper this over so we focus on something else that they want the media to look at and they want us to look at."

Donalds noted Harris and President Joe Biden cannot go to the border themselves, because "the truth will come out" from Border Patrol agents and locals living the crisis on their doorsteps.

"They want to do what Joe Biden said way back in his State of the Union address: They want to be transparent when they are good and ready, and not before," Donalds continued. "They don't want anybody talking about this, and the big media is giving them a pass."

Donalds noted VP Harris' primary focus is addressing the southern border – and, while she says she wants to do it by addressing the "root" causes of mass migration in Guatemala and Mexico – he claimed she is going about it the wrong way.

"Something's very wrong, and the thing that's incredibly wrong here is that this administration has no desire whatsoever to secure the southern border," he added. "To make it more worse, if your job was just to secure the border and do nothing else, you would do the exact opposite of what this administration is doing."

Donalds noted he has made two trips to the southern border, while Harris still has made none and has no plans to as of yet.

"If you talk to the Border Patrol agents, they will tell you the No. 1 way to get in control of our border is to reinstate the Stay in Mexico policy that Joe Biden just got rid of last week, because the migrants would stay in Mexico and would not come into the United States," he said.

"But once they took office and unwound all of President Trump's enforcement measures, the coyotes and the cartels knew that our southern border was open for business."

"The cartels are slated to make about $5 billion this year trafficking children and people into the United States of America. Oh, and by the way, that's their secondary business. Their primary business is still moving drugs across our southern border."

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