Rep. Cammack to Newsmax: Blame Biden for ‘Uncontrollable’ Migrant Surge at Southern Border

Rep. Cammack to Newsmax: Blame Biden for 'Uncontrollable' Migrant Surge at Southern Border (Newsmax/"American Agenda")

By Jay Clemons | Thursday, 30 June 2022 05:19 PM EDT

The chaos at the United States-Mexico border could reach unprecedented heights, warns Rep. Kat Cammack, R-Fla., now that the Supreme Court has permitted the Biden administration's repeal of a Trump-era border order (by a 5-4 decision), dubbed the "Remain in Mexico" policy.

While appearing on "America Agenda" Thursday afternoon, Cammack said the Biden administration has "fallen short" in guaranteeing safety to those living near the southern border, along with American citizens in surrounding states.

What's more, Cammack believes that President Biden has minimized the efforts of hard-working border personnel and agencies — such as the Texas Department of Public Safety — who've been given the impossible task of policing a vast area without the clout to enforce U.S. immigration and drug laws.

"This is an uncontrollable surge we are seeing [at the border]. … We need [the Biden] administration to have laws they're willing to enforce," Cammack said to Newsmax host Bianca de la Garza.

Cammack added, "[The Biden administration] has tied the hands of our border patrol and customs agents."

Regarding the Supreme Court's Thursday ruling, Cammack characterized it as a "huge blow" to "anyone who believes in the security and sovereignty of our nation."

The White House's apparent indifference with border issues had already reared its head this week, in the wake of 53 undocumented migrants dying in an abandoned tractor-trailer near San Antonio, Texas.

However, instead of taking accountability for the deadliest incident along the southern border, Cammack claims the White House has been quick to deflect blame.

"We'll be exposing more about the humanitarian crisis that's going on," said Cammack, while teasing more investigations in 2023, if the Republicans overtake the House in the November midterm elections. "But make no mistake, this humanitarian crisis is the result of all of Biden's open-border policies."

Cammack — who's up for reelection in Florida's 3rd congressional district — then added, "[The Biden administration are] encouraging people to come to this country illegally, under some of the most dangerous circumstances," and getting mixed in with some of Mexico's "most violent, hardened criminals. … Let us not forget the cartels control in upwards of 40 percent of Mexico."

"The cartels are running the border," says Cammack.


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