Rep. Cammack to Newsmax: DeSantis ‘Fighting the Good Fight’ For Florida

Rep. Cammack to Newsmax: DeSantis 'Fighting the Good Fight' For Florida (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Tuesday, 26 April 2022 04:02 PM

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' latest actions, including the creation of a law enforcement unit dedicated to investigating election fraud and the vote to strip the Disney Co. of its special tax privileges show he's "fighting the good fight" for the people of the state, Rep. Kat Cammack said on Newsmax Tuesday.

"It's been a long time coming, so to have someone who's standing up fighting the good fight and actually doing what he said he would do," the Florida Republican said on "National Report." "It's incredible and remarkable."

She added that when she's out of state, she hears people all over the country asking why the United States can't be like Florida, "so it's a great time to be a Floridian and a member of the Sunshine State delegation."

The move against Disney eliminates the Reedy Creek Improvement District, as the governing district is known, after Disney stood against a state law that bans the discussion of gender or LGBTQ issues in schools with children ages K-3.

The new Disney action eliminates the Reedy Creek Improvement District, as the 55-year-old Disney "I had a roundtable with several faith leaders talking about this situation with Disney," said Cammack. "First and foremost, we recognize that Disney is a private company. Well they now are stripped of their special status in their special district status, so they will operate in the Sunshine State as every other private company."

She also called Disney's opposition to the bill "stupid."

"To me, that was a situation of you want to play stupid games? You're going to win stupid prizes," said Cammack. "Disney will now have to cough up millions and millions of dollars in tax revenue for the local counties and municipalities that they have a footprint in because they have waded into this issue. It's pretty simple. Don't talk with my 5-6-7-8-year-old about sex. That's not the role of educators."

She added that most teachers would not want to speak with young children about sex, but the people who are offended are the ones who are trying to talk to kids on those issues
"Gov. DeSantis stepped in and said no, the state is not the parent," said Cammack.

Cammack also discussed the situation at the nation's border, including a letter she and several other Republicans have signed to Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas to demand answers on the immigration situation.

"He will be coming before the Homeland Security Committee in which the committee members and I will be essentially interrogating (him), over not just Title 42, but a litany of other issues that we have seen firsthand out the southwest border," said Cammack. "Now let's be clear, Secretary Mayorkas, he is a professional politician. He knows how to dodge and to delay and misdirect, but we're not going to let him off the hook."

But still, the situation at the border is an invasion and a crisis, and Mayorkas "will likely be facing impeachment the minute that Republicans take the house back," Cammack said.

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