Rep. Cammack to Newsmax: Immigration Crisis Exacerbated by Facebook Cartel Ads

Rep. Cammack to Newsmax: Immigration Crisis Exacerbated by Facebook Cartel Ads (Newsmax TV/"American Agenda")

By Jim Thomas | Thursday, 27 May 2021 06:05 PM

The crisis at the southern border is being exacerbated by approved advertisements on Facebook encouraging immigrants seeking asylum to cross into the U.S. there, Rep. Kat Cammack, R-Fla., told Thursday's ''American Agenda'' on Newsmax TV.

''It is absolutely unbelievable to me. What we are seeing on our social media channels just before this interview, as I was walking into the office, I was doing simple searches. You know, 'cruzando la frontera,' 'viaje Estados Unidos' and I am finding ad, after ad, after ad- posts, groups where they are encouraging people to come to the United States,'' she said.

''If Facebook is saying that this ad or these advertisements have been OK, then clearly the community standards have no problem with illegal activity," she said.

''They're facilitating the cartels' logistics as well as the payment through Facebook,'' the Florida congresswoman said.

''But it gets even worse,'' she added.

''I had a meeting with the ambassador of Honduras a few weeks ago and he asked me, 'Please help us with Facebook, the narc-terrorists are using WhatsApp to conduct all of their nefarious activities.'''

The congresswoman said while she has reached out to Facebook, it has offered no solution to the problem.

''We have reached out to Facebook," she said. "We have actually the last few weeks had a lot of back and forth with them. We'll be having a hearing with the Homeland Security Committee to discuss why Facebook is allowing this to happen, how their algorithms are encouraging them to actually find people looking for these terms are actually finding additional pages and advertisements because of the related searches.''

Despite Facebook's community guidelines, these ads are obviously being approved, she said.

''You know there's a whole review process associated with both putting ads in the marketplace for selling goods or services. But also, for placing ads of content that you're trying to get eyes on that audience. For example, the marketplace, as I said a couple hours ago when I was walking in the office, I was on the Facebook marketplace and there are advertisements that drivers are putting up there and saying, 'Please contact me. I'll take you to the border, I'll take you from the border to any state in the United States that you want to go' and all of these have to be reviewed," she said.

Cammack discussed whether private industry should be allowed to encourage or support illegal activity.

''This is absolutely insane. How in the world can we allow a private industry based in the United States to be openly facilitating the illegal activity of these cartels, which is narcotics and smuggling and trafficking? It's unreal,'' Cammack asserted.

''We've got a crisis on our border. We need to get very active and proactive, and every single American should be concerned about this.

''But right now, in America, every town is a border town," she said. ''This is insane.''

Conservative voices are openly suppressed, but cartels are allowed to thrive on Facebook, she indicated.

''If you are conservative and heaven forbid you post a picture in a MAGA hat or supporting President Trump or any conservative, you'll get censored right out the gate. I can tell you. right here in Clay County where I'm sitting at this moment, I know half a dozen individuals. Small mom and pop operations that have been posting conservative content and have been denied posting advertisements because they quote, unquote 'violate community standards,''' she added.

''These are people selling homemade jellies and jams. These are people who are doing just basic things to support their families, yet it's OK for the cartels to place advertisements.

''The American people, quite frankly, deserve answers, so it's time to keep the pressure up,'' she said, ''we can't back off now.''

The congresswoman proposed a solution.

''We have got to work to make sure that Facebook and all of their platforms Instagram and WhatsApp and beyond are being held accountable that their algorithms are being adjusted and that they have teams that are proactively seeking out this content, making sure that those search words are being flagged every single time that they're on a post. … I can tell you any American right now could go on Facebook, look up these terms, and find ads for themselves.

''I think at this point we need to make sure that Facebook is cooperating with us. The first step is getting them to sit down with us — with the Homeland Security members — and really identify ways that they are holding their teams accountable. What they're doing proactively, not reactively, but proactively to pull this type of content,'' she explained.

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