Rep. Chip Roy to Newsmax: Biden Absent Amid Surge of Border Crossings

Rep. Chip Roy to Newsmax: Biden Absent Amid Surge of Border Crossings (Newsmax/''Eric Bolling: The Balance'')

By Nick Koutsobinas | Wednesday, 08 September 2021 06:02 PM

Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, slammed the Biden administration on Newsmax for its absence at the U.S.-Mexico border as record-high numbers of illegal crossings continue.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, there were 212,672 encounters along the southwest border in July. That's a nearly 12.6% increase from the previous month of June, which had 188.934 encounters.

Appearing Wednesday on "Eric Bolling: The Balance," Roy said: "In July, we know we had 212,000 [southwest border encounters] roughly. … Now the numbers for August looks like it's about [190,000]. We're waiting for the final count. We're pushing 1.4 million apprehensions for this fiscal year. To give you an idea, that's the entire [population of the] city of Dallas."

He added that the 1.4 million people apprehended does not reflect the number released or the "got-aways," which could be in the range of 750,000 to 800,000.

Roy said that he was in the Texas border town of Laredo "with a bunch of Hispanics [and] Democrats who are saying, 'where is Joe Biden?' And that's the question we're all asking is, 'where is the president of the United States?' And the answer is, he is too incompetent, too gutless, too cowardly to come to Texas and meet with those of us who are truly being impacted by" his administration's border policy.

Some of the impacts of migrant crossings Roy outlined are people "dying from fentanyl overdoses," ranchers being "overrun, fence wires cut, dead migrants being found on ranches. We got people all across the south Texas area who are having their lives destroyed and turned upside down, and Joe Biden doesn't give a whip."

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