Rep. Chip Roy to Newsmax: CBP Estimates 850K ‘Got Aways’ in Fiscal 2022 So Far

Rep. Chip Roy to Newsmax: CBP Estimates 850K 'Got Aways' in Fiscal 2022 So Far (Newsmax/''Rob Schmitt Tonight'')

By Charles Kim | Wednesday, 13 July 2022 10:20 PM EDT

Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, told Newsmax on Wednesday that Customs and Border Protection officials estimate there have been more than 850,000 ''got aways'' crossing illegally into the United States so far in fiscal 2022, many of them ''criminals.''

''I asked [Homeland Security] Secretary [Alejandro] Mayorkas last August how many dangerous individuals that are associated with terrorist entities have gotten through. It took eight months to get me a letter answering 42. Now that number is greater than 50,'' Roy said on "Rob Schmitt Tonight.''

''We know that dangerous criminals with criminal records and robbers, rapists, those that are involved in gangs, are getting into the United States. We know this because there are 850,000 known 'got ways.' Mayorkas said this.''

Roy said the situation at the border, which has seen almost 1.8 million encounters with migrants who entered the U.S. illegally so far in fiscal 2022, which runs from Oct. 1, 2021, to Sept. 30, is a ''national security'' issue we are seeing ''play out in real time.''

This is ''a situation where there are rapes, and there are crimes in the United States, fentanyl killing Texans,'' he said. ''Our border being wide open, cartels getting empowered, but the fact of the matter is the pictures. You see everybody coming across the river. Anybody paying attention to this knows the deal.''

The question, Roy said, is why President Joe Biden's administration isn't doing anything about it.

Roy said he planned to vote against the National Defense Act, the annual military funding bill, when it comes to the House floor, and believes other Republicans should also withhold support for that until something is done to secure the border.

''Somebody needs to ask Republican leadership why we are advancing a defense authorization bill while vaccine mandates are losing our men and women in uniform, and while our borders are wide open and exposed,'' he said. ''None of it makes any sense.''

Roy said that the administration, which reversed several initiatives enacted by former President Donald Trump to slow illegal immigration at the border, causing the current surge, could end it all quickly, making the country more secure.

''We went [to the border] and met with local leaders, lifelong Hispanic Democrats in Webb County and Laredo, who are incensed and angry at the administration,'' he said. ''I think it's about a new liberal world order, to quote the Democrat communications team, as much as it is about the votes. They believe in open borders.''

Roy, who represents Texas' 21st Congressional District, faces Democrat Claudia Zapata in the Nov. 8 general election.


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