Rep. Clay Higgins to Newsmax: US ‘Greatly Weakened’ Since Biden Took Office

Rep. Clay Higgins to Newsmax: US 'Greatly Weakened' Since Biden Took Office (Newsmax's "National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Thursday, 09 September 2021 01:48 PM

The United States has "greatly weakened" since President Joe Biden took office, especially in the recent weeks with the exit from Afghanistan, and Rep. Clay Higgins, R-La., said Thursday on Newsmax that Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken should resign or should be impeached.

"This has been a collapse of American honor and strength overseas," Higgins told "National Report," adding the United States' departure from Afghanistan is being hailed a "great victory in the Mideast amongst our jihadist enemies."

Such "enemies of the free world," are looking at the events that unfolded in Afghanistan "as a complete defeat of America," Higgins continued, but the White House is heralding the mass flights from Afghanistan as a success.

"I would find [that] very suspect because many of us, myself included – many of my colleagues in Congress have been called upon over the last month to use all of our own resources and personal connections and access to try and rescue people that have been left behind – many of these Americans have families over there, they're not leaving their families and not leaving their wives," Higgins said. "So this White House is nothing but spin. We have a president that's totally scripted.

"It's shameful. It's a disgrace."

Further, everything that has happened could have been avoided, if the Biden administration followed the plans set in place by former President Donald Trump, which called on maintaining military control in Afghanistan until all Americans, allies, and military equipment were out, Higgins said.

"President Biden reversed that procedure, which is which has led to the disaster that we have right now," he said. "The Biden administration has kneeled before our enemy. It would have never happened under President Trump's administration, where America turned to the Taliban and said, 'please, will you allow us to do this, or would you let us do that?' The Biden administration is referring to the Taliban as if it's a democratically elected sovereign nation."

Under Biden, the United States has also given the Taliban military authority over Afghanistan, "and we've armed them to the teeth," Higgins continued. "It's insane, and America should be very disappointed in this administration."

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