Rep. Comer to Newsmax: When Biden Has a Bad Day, There’s a New COVID Regulation

Rep. Comer to Newsmax: When Biden Has a Bad Day, There's a New COVID Regulation Rep. Comer to Newsmax: When Biden Has a Bad Day, There's a New COVID Regulation Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., questions Postmaster General Louis DeJoy during a hearing before the House Oversight and Reform Committee on August 24, 2020. (Photo by Tom Williams-Pool/Getty Images)

By Luca Cacciatore | Thursday, 02 December 2021 04:03 PM

Kentucky Rep. James Comer told "American Agenda" on Newsmax that "every time" President Biden has a bad day, "he comes out with a new COVID rule or regulation," citing the lack of confidence Americans have in the current administration.

"The Biden plan revolves around spending more money, revolves around controlling our lives," Comer said to the network on Thursday.

Biden said the COVID-19 omicron variant was a "cause for concern, not a cause for panic" on Monday, as the U.S. implemented restrictions on travel from countries in southern Africa, according to The Guardian.

The president also claimed there was no need for another lockdown, breaking with several European countries that have moved forward with implementing one.

"If people are vaccinated and wear their mask, there's no need for a lockdown," Biden stated in remarks from the White House.

However, Comer is unconvinced that the Biden administration will keep their pledge of no new lockdowns. He mentioned how the president during his election campaign in 2020 said the same thing before implementing new lockdowns.

"I think that with the mask mandates, and the lack of science and the fact that Joe Biden went back on his word on the vaccine mandate to the mask mandates from the campaign … people are starting to suspect that he's playing politics with this," the Kentucky congressman told Newsmax.

When asked about Republican Sens. Mike Lee, Utah, and Roger Marshall, Kansas, plan to propose a Senate amendment on barring or permitting vaccine mandates, Comer said Democrats "don't want to vote on it because they know how unpopular it is."

"They're trying to deny Mike Lee and Roger Marshall a vote on vaccine mandates. It's terrible. Our Founding Fathers would be rolling over in their graves. I mean, this is supposed to be the greatest democracy in the world," he added.

The concerns from House and Senate Republicans like Comer come after Germany announced earlier on Thursday that it would be issuing a nationwide lockdown on the unvaccinated, barring them from accessing all but essential businesses, CNN reported.

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