Rep. Comer to Newsmax: Will Get Hunter Biden Reports ‘One Way or the Other’

Rep. Comer to Newsmax: Will Get Hunter Biden Reports 'One Way or the Other' Rep. James Comer, R-Ky. (Greg Nash/AFP via Getty Images)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Friday, 08 July 2022 02:06 PM EDT

Rep. James Comer vowed on Newsmax on Friday that "one way or the other," Republicans on the House Oversight Committee will get information from Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen about Hunter Biden's foreign dealings.

"I've responded to Janet Yellen that you can provide this information now, or in January, you can provide it under subpoena when the Republicans are in the majority, and I'm chairman of the Oversight Committee," the Kentucky Republican said on Newsmax's "National Report." "One way or the other, we're going to get this information."

Comer asked Yellen to provide information about more than 150 suspicious activity reports in connection with Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, and sent a follow-up letter to her. However, he said he has not been able to get the reports after Biden became president, when in the past, "any member of Congress" would be able to get such documents.

"You have to understand, the suspicious activity report is the most major bank violation anyone can have," Comer said. "I've never heard of anyone having more than one. Very few Americans ever have one but he has had over 150. Some of those accounts were jointly owned with the president's brother, Jim Biden."

Such reports are filed when people are suspected of money laundering or "receiving or wiring money to bad actors who have been sanctioned, like drug cartels and terrorist groups," Comer added.

"These are the worst of the worst," he said, adding that before Biden became president, "anyone in Congress could simply request a list of suspicious activity reports from the Treasury and they would provide that within three days to a member of Congress."

But Biden changed that rule when he became president, said Comer.

"Treasury came back and said, 'OK, I'll tell you what. We'll let you have it if you can get a Democrat in Congress to request that from you," said Comer, adding that those were not the rules or policy under former Presidents Barack Obama or George W. Bush.

"Then [Biden] changed the rules again and said, 'OK, well, we'll go back to that old policy. If you can get another Democrat,' " said Comer. "They are clearly obstructing Republican oversight and Republican investigation into Hunter Biden and I think we know why. Hunter Biden's a shady business character, he's a national security threat, and my fear is Joe Biden is compromised because of Hunter's shady business dealings."

Meanwhile, Comer said he does not expect any Democrats will step forward to ask for Hunter Biden's documents, as he thinks House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer have given their party members the "marching orders" not to "take the bait" on him, but instead focus on Trump.

"The Democrats have no interest in providing any oversight on Joe Biden," Comer said. "They're turning a blind eye to clearly what is a pattern by the Biden family."

Comer on Friday also commented on the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, calling the murder "terrible news" for the United States as well as for Japan, a "very close ally."

"As you look around the world today, there are a lot of perils all over the globe, and it's very important that we have allies in countries across the globe, not just for trade purposes but for national security," Comer said. "It's important to see how the Biden administration handles this and make sure that we sustain close relations with Japan."

Japan and the United States have a mutual interest in keeping China under control, Comer added.

"China is a bad actor in the United States, obviously, but it's also a bad actor in Japan, so it's very important that the Biden administration ensures that the United States and Japan are close allies, especially when it comes to China," he said.


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