Rep. Fallon to Newsmax: Biden Mistaken to Remove Oil from Reserves

Rep. Fallon to Newsmax: Biden Mistaken to Remove Oil from Reserves (Newsmax/"Wake Up America Weekend")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Sunday, 30 October 2022 01:13 PM EDT

Rep. Pat Fallon, who has introduced legislation to require an act of Congress to remove oil from the nation's strategic reserves supply, said on Newsmax Sunday that President Joe Biden's moves to use the supplies show a "fundamental misunderstanding of how the economy works.

"He's never signed the front of one paycheck in all of his 174 years of life," the Texas Republican told Newsmax's "Wake Up America Weekend." "The Strategic Petroleum Reserve was established in 1975 to protect the United States in case of an act of God, a national emergency, and in time of war. It is not to be used for political expediency by any party two weeks before an election that they're about to lose."

The reserve, at its height under former President Donald Trump, held 695 million barrels, but now it sits at 401 barrels, and that's because Biden is taking out the supplies "by fiat and decree."

Biden last week claimed that gas was already at $5 a gallon when he took office, but Fallon pointed out that wasn't true, as it was $2.38 a gallon then.

He also noted that Biden didn't mention that prices are up everywhere, with inflation at 8.2%, and "real wages down 5,000" for a year.

Biden also wants to rely on "mini-Putins" like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia for oil, "when we can unleash the American energy sector," said Fallon.

Fallon also discussed the national races, with just 9 days left before the midterm, and said there are several Democrat incumbents in trouble, but he also spoke out about the "debacle" shown in the debate matchup in Pennsylvania between Dr. Mehmet Oz, the GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate, and Democrat candidate John Fetterman.

"I've been watching politics and debates for over 30 years and I have never seen anything like that," said Fallon, calling it "short-sighted" to have Fetterman on stage so soon after his stroke during the primary election.

"I wish him the best but I wouldn't want him to fly a plane that I'm on and I don't want him voting for our country when he's going to be 1% of the Senate," said Fallon. "Oz just ran circles around him and he's going to be the far better choice."


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