Rep. Ferguson to Newsmax: Campaigns, Not Endorsements Led to Georgia Wins

Rep. Ferguson to Newsmax: Campaigns, Not Endorsements Led to Georgia Wins (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Wednesday, 22 June 2022 01:59 PM

Tuesday's runoff race winners in Georgia, where candidates backed by Gov. Brian Kemp over those backed by former President Donald Trump, says a "lot more" about the winners and the strengths of their campaigns than about the endorsements, Rep. Drew Ferguson said on Newsmax Wednesday.

In the races, businessman Mike Collins defeated former Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones in Tuesday's 10th Congressional District, and in suburban Atlanta's 6th District, Rich McCormick beat Jake Evans, and Ferguson, R-Ga., told Newsmax's "National Report" that both of the winners were "outstanding candidates."

"I think it says a lot more about who they are. but also keep in mind, Gov. Kemp won handily in the primary and he is the Republican leader in the state of Georgia right now," said Ferguson, adding that there are other good candidates seeking election this fall in the state as well

"We've got a lot of good things happening in Georgia," he added.

Ferguson also spoke out against President Joe Biden's plans to suspend the national gas tax for three months, telling Newsmax that the plan "isn't even a Band-Aid," that will help Americans fill their tanks, but still, it will cost the federal government billions of dollars that would go to highways.

"Our roads and bridges that need to be fixed are going to get shortchanged, and it's going to create additional budget deficits that are going to exacerbate the tremendous amount of debt we already have," said Ferguson.

There is only one answer to the higher gas prices, and that is for the United States to return to its drilling, said Ferguson.

The congressman also on Wednesday said that House Republicans remain "solidly opposed" to the Senate's bipartisan gun control bill, which advanced toward a vote Tuesday.

"We should not try to tie the erosion of the Second Amendment to this particular issue," said Ferguson. "We have to deal with school, so we have to deal with mental health issues and we are dealing with those but we cannot continue to erode the Second Amendment. The list of Americans that cannot legally own a firearm right now, or even so much as a single round of ammunition is pretty long…and now we're going to go after law-abiding Americans? We cannot go down this road."

Ferguson also spoke out about the White House floating cancellation measures on student loans.

"If you borrow the money, you've got to pay it back," he said. "Forgiving student loan debt is so unfair to millions [who have] already incurred the debts. This is just unfair and it's a political gimmick during an election year."


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