Rep. Gohmert to Newsmax: Mayorkas’ Reaction to Border Situation ‘Ridiculous’

Rep. Gohmert to Newsmax: Mayorkas' Reaction to Border Situation 'Ridiculous' (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Tuesday, 21 September 2021 02:09 PM

The Biden administration's handling of the worsening situation at the nation's southern border is a "fiasco," and it's "ridiculous" for Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas to be so angry over the situation, Rep. Louie Gohmert said on Newsmax Tuesday.

"What's happening, and while Americans are having their liberties taken away and ordered to receive vaccines, and this is a public health crisis, we actually have thousands of people every month being shipped all over the country by this administration," the Texas Republican said on Newsmax's "National Report." "[They] have come in illegally and have COVID, and for Mayorkas to stand there and get indignant, that's really pretty ridiculous since he is causing so much damage to this country as is his boss, President Joe Biden."

Gohmert added that there are not enough Border Patrol agents to handle the growing situation at the Del Rio International Bridge, where thousands of migrants, mainly Haitians, are gathered.

"If they decided to bolt, there's just not enough agents to take care of the situation," said Gohmert. "By the way, it's not because the Border Patrol is not doing everything they can. They're pulling all their agents off all over the place. I've talked to some of them. It is a disaster area."

He also complained that Biden is "absent without leave" from the situation and that he is "not doing his job, and people are suffering."

Gohmert also spoke out about the administration's announcement about cutting out some shipments of monoclonal treatments for COVID-19, commenting that he asked administration officials in a phone call about how many immigrants are being sent from the border and didn't get a straight answer.

"If you don't know how many thousands of people you're sending to those areas with COVID, then you are guilty of malpractice," said Gohmert. "It's an outrage, so we're not being protected at the border by this administration. We know people die of COVID and this administration, they got defensive, but their actions say we don't care."

Meanwhile, the administration is flying many of the Haitians back to Haiti, but Gohmert said the flights "won't make enough of a dent fast enough … we need to find the people that are spending the millions of dollars to transport people up to cause the problems in this country and you know they are conspiring to cause damage to the United States, and they need to be held accountable for it."

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