Rep. Greg Murphy to Newsmax: Jobs Report Proves Build Back Better Not Needed

Rep. Greg Murphy to Newsmax: Jobs Report Proves Build Back Better Not Needed (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Charlie McCarthy | Friday, 04 February 2022 01:04 PM

A better-than-expected jobs report proves that President Joe Biden's massive social spending plan is not needed, Rep. Greg Murphy, R-N.C., told Newsmax on Thursday.

The U.S. economy last month added 467,000 jobs, significantly better than most economists had expected, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said Friday. The number was a surprise due to the prevalence of the COVID-19 omicron variant in January.

"Their whole reason for [Build Back Better] is to try get America together again, to try to stimulate jobs, to try to do all this. All of sudden, Wow, it appeared organically," Murphy said on "National Report."

"The fact that people want to get back to work, they’re tired … tired of the litany and continuation of the lockdowns and everything else. They want to get back to normal life.

"And yeah, it's great to have a jobs report like that. That means we'll actually have people come back and pay taxes — that's great. But don't start saying we need to start spending trillions of dollars to bankrupt our country when it's obvious with these job reports that none of this was ever necessary."

Murphy said he didn't understand where "progressive left economists get their math."

"They want to pull things up, wages up, but they have to understand that businesses exist not just to employ people but to actually make a profit and actually make money for their owners," Murphy told co-host Shaun Kraisman.

The congressman mentioned how progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., "goes off on her crazy tangents" about corporations and small businesses because they don't want to "give everything away."

"It's an economic policy that defies logic," Murphy told Kraisman.

"What this president says and what reality is, oftentimes are two very different things," Murphy said. "Nobody trusts what's coming out of the White House these days and I don't expect, really, to trust what comes out of his mouth when he finally does show up to speak [about the jobs report]."

A urologist before serving in Congress, Murphy also was asked about a recent Johns Hopkins University analysis that indicated COVID-19 lockdowns in the spring of 2020 reduced COVID-19 mortality by only 0.2% in the U.S. and Europe.

"We didn't learn. We continued to double down on progressive lockdowns, mandates … and it's created such a problem with the country right now," Murphy told Kraisman. "And now it's being seen that it really didn't do anything.

"And other reports have said that we've had 9 million people … 9 million people miss cancer screenings, we had thousands of individuals who died at home from chest pain that [were afraid to] come to the emergency departments."

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