Rep. Greg Murphy to Newsmax: Walensky Must Stop Down Over Union Report

Rep. Greg Murphy to Newsmax: Walensky Must Stop Down Over Union Report (Newsmax's "National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Thursday, 31 March 2022 02:13 PM

Centers for Disease Control Director Rochelle Walensky should resign her post after revelations that teachers' unions and the CDC coordinated policies that kept the nation's schools closed longer during the COVID pandemic, Rep. Greg Murphy, R-N.C., told Newsmax.

"I came out about a year ago and called her to resign because specifically what we found is factual," Murphy, who is also a doctor, told Thursday's "National Report." "She used the American Federation of Teachers Union statement, in verbatim language, in the CDC's document for recommendations on how we treat the COVID pandemic in schools."

Republicans wrote in a report Wednesday, the Biden administration, through the CDC, had allowed the teachers' unions "unprecedented access to the policymaking process for guidance on reopening schools," but Walensky had downplayed how much the agency departed from past practice to allow the unions to affect policy decisions.

"She appeared, amazingly enough, before the GOP Doctors Caucus about three weeks ago, and I asked her that statement, and she backpedaled on it a little bit, saying that she wanted constituents having input," Murphy said. "There's a difference between putting out a scientific document and then putting out a political document."

This means Walensky has also turned the CDC into a political unit and turned it away from medicine and doctors.

"This is something personal to me because I've been a physician for 30 years," Murphy said. "It's embarrassing, and again I ask her to resign. This is not the type of leadership that the American people will have any trust in as we move forward for healthcare in the United States."

He said he also is offended by the arrogance of people like Walensky and Dr. Anthony Fauci, who claimed to know everything about the pandemic and deemed what needed to be done.

"We learned different things as we moved along during this entire pandemic, but the problem is the arrogance," Murphy said. "Dr. Fauci's arrogance has destroyed the trust of the American people."

Fauci has been saying COVID restrictions could be returning with another surge of coronavirus, and with the November elections coming up, Fauci could be stoking fears, Murphy said.

"It's interesting because he's been kind of radio silence," Murphy added. "All of a sudden he's popping back up again to fearmonger.

"We're going to have variants that pop back and forth up for years. This is just the way this virus acts and as we learn more and more hopefully, when the American when the Republicans take over, we're going to find a lot that has been hidden about this virus and its origins."

Further, Americans are "tired and weary" of Fauci, according to Murphy.

"He needs to move on if we're going to establish again any trust in healthcare institutions in the United States," Murphy concluded.

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