Rep. Hagedorn to Newsmax: Pelosi Handing Death Sentence to 40 House Democrats

Rep. Hagedorn to Newsmax: Pelosi Handing Death Sentence to 40 House Democrats jim hagedorn speaks into mic at rally Rep. Jim Hagedorn, R-Minn., addresses a crowd at a campaign rally for President Donald Trump Friday, Oct. 30, 2020, in Rochester, Minnesota. (Bruce Kluckhohn/AP)

John Gizzi By John Gizzi Friday, 05 November 2021 11:47 AM Current | Bio | Archive

On Thursday afternoon, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was very visibly gesticulating on the House floor as she tried to line up votes among fellow Democrats for the $1.7 trillion reconciliation bill pushed by President Joe Biden and the left wing of their party.

To one Republican House member, however, Pelosi’s efforts amounted to the speaker making "her growing number of vulnerable Members in the House walk the plank."

"Most of Pelosi's browbeating occurred near the well of the House and was clearly visible on CSPAN," Rep. Jim Hagedorn, R.-Minn., told Newsmax shortly after the House adjourned Thursday. "Pelosi was animated and pointing fingers, most likely demanding her growing number of vulnerable members 'walk the plank' one last time. One gets the impression this exercise has become more about Pelosi's last gasp to wield power and project her leftwing bonafides on the way out of office, than doing anything constructive for America or protecting the careers of her members."

Hagedorn likened the speaker’s vociferous lining up of Democrat members for the reconciliation bill to that for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in 2009.

"With Obamacare, Pelosi famously demanded her members vote to pass the bill to find out what was in the bill," the Minnesotan told Newsmax. "In this case, Pelosi is asking her members, who know they are increasingly vulnerable based upon the Republican sweep of Virginia, to pass the bill to find out how spending is in the bill."

Noting that Democrats are expected to bring the reconciliation bill to the floor for a vote as early as Friday morning but without a Congressional Budget Office cost estimate, Hagedorn said that "No member will have had the opportunity or time to read through and decipher the complex and transformative changes the bill will impose upon the United States and American people."

By forcing her members to, in Hagedorn’s words, "walk the plank" on this controversial legislation, "Pelosi has put them squarely on the record for higher taxes and regulations, fewer blue collar jobs, skyrocketing energy inflation via the Green New Deal, amnesty for illegal aliens, and grossly expanded welfare benefits without work requirements.

"In short, Pelosi is delivering a political death sentence for upwards of 40 vulnerable Democrat members," according to Hagedorn.

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