Rep. Higgins to Newsmax: Biden Resignation Demand ‘Appropriate and Righteous’

Rep. Higgins to Newsmax: Biden Resignation Demand 'Appropriate and Righteous' (Newsmax/"Wake Up America")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Wednesday, 01 September 2021 10:04 AM

President Joe Biden is responsible "for the worst executive branch policy failure in history" with the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, and should be impeached for his actions, but for now, it's "appropriate" to demand that he resign, Rep. Clay Higgins said on Newsmax Wednesday.

"It will be a generation before America regains trust and respect across the world," said the Louisiana Republican on Newsmax's "Wake Up America." "It's appropriate and righteous for us to call for his resignation. Impeachment could follow, but that's a much longer process, especially against the sitting president. It should be approached with great prudence and professionalism."

Calling for Biden's resignation, instead, is the "appropriate official action," said Higgins, whose resolution formally calling for Biden to step down "because of the abysmal failure in Afghanistan and on the border" was introduced Tuesday.

Higgins on Wednesday also discussed the devastation in his home state coming as a result of Hurricane Ida's direct hit on Sunday.

"It caused incredible damage, severe, across southeast Louisiana," said Higgins. "Hundreds of thousands of residents are without power, perhaps for weeks. This storm mirrors the impact that we felt in southwest Louisiana in my district one year ago with Hurricane Laura and in my 60 years as a Louisiana resident, I had never seen a hurricane develop as fast and hit us hard with sustained 150 mile per hour winds."

Meanwhile, the situation remains "challenging" in Louisiana, considering power remains off for many residents and gas stations are without fuel, but Higgins said people in his state are stepping up to help each other.

He noted that thousands of Louisiana citizens, including his own family and staff, are delivering food, generators, water, medications, and other basic necessities to those hit hard by the storm.

"Fuel is a challenge, but families that stayed that have generators generally have four or five fuel containers, and then they'll use their generators very sparingly at night," said Higgins. "Louisiana citizens are smart. If they're allowed to stay in their communities to weather a storm and then to recover immediately, you'll find that the recovery begins [right] after the storm passes through, and that's what you're seeing now."

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