Rep. Jason Smith: ‘Lockdown Joe’ Has No Solutions, Just Wants Control

Rep. Jason Smith: 'Lockdown Joe' Has No Solutions, Just Wants Control (Newsmax TV/"Chris Salcedo Show")

By Solange Reyner | Thursday, 29 April 2021 08:05 PM

President Joe Biden didn't offer any real solutions to ending coronavirus restrictions or how to deal with the surge in border crossings, Rep. Jason Smith, R-Mo., said Thursday during an appearance on Newsmax TV.

''We might as well just call him 'Lockdown Joe' because he wants our entire country to continue to have the fear of COVID,'' Smith said on Newsmax TV's ''Chris Salcedo Show'' referring to Biden's statement during his first address to the joint session of Congress that ''there's no wall high enough to keep any virus away.''

Biden also vowed that the U.S. would become an ''arsenal of vaccination'' for the rest of the world to fight COVID.

Smith suggested there would never be an end to the restrictions.

''Even though we are coming past it. It's the policies they pushed through requiring our kids, 2 years old, to have masks, when there's no science that show[s] anything like that. It's just a way to keep people under fear where the government can have a heavy hand and try to control every aspect of your life,'' he told Salcedo.

''It's clearly amateur hour if you watch the speech,'' he said.

''The speech was all about controlling your wages, controlling your guns, controlling your healthcare, but the one thing they didn't want to control is the southern border. They want to just open it all up, allow people in. This administration has all been a about a bait and switch the entire time.

"They said they needed to pass a COVID bill. In fact, they passed $1.9 trillion of spending and less than 9 percent went to healthcare. They're proposing an infrastructure package, $2.3 trillion and less than 6 percent actually goes to roads and bridges. They say one thing, do another.''

Biden's American Families Plan is also about control, Smith said.

''Now they're wanting more control with child care, they're wanting more control with Pre-K. They're wanting more control with higher education. They're going to raise your taxes. … And that's clearly going to result in all working-class families having a smaller paycheck, which it's all about government control. If they can control you with the power of the purse, that's their plan.''

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