Rep. Jerry Carl to Newsmax TV: Pipeline Cyber Attack Shows ‘Real National Security Issues’

Rep. Jerry Carl to Newsmax TV: Pipeline Cyber Attack Shows 'Real National Security Issues' (Newsmax TV's "American Agenda")

By Theodore Bunker | Monday, 10 May 2021 06:34 PM

The shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline by a cyberattack is one of the "real national security issues" the government should be focused on, according to Rep. Jerry Carl, R-Ala., on Newsmax TV.

A cybersecurity attack over the weekend caused the Colonial Pipeline to shut down its entire system, which extends along the East Coast from New York to Texas, and passes through Alabama.

"We've got several things in this country, when you start talking about national security, we should be worried about," Carl told Monday's "American Agenda." "This is certainly one of them. Our power grid is certainly one of them."

Carl lamented to host Joe Pinion too many things are distracting from the true issues in America, notably "woke" politics.

"Instead of worrying about the woke issue, let's worry about some real national security issues, and I think it just keeps bringing it home," Carl said. "We need to focus on what the folks sent us up there to do, and you stay away from all this foolishness that we're having to deal with – as much as we can."

The impact on gas prices is disconcerting, Carl continued.

"I think the average average aircraft burns some crazy number like 18,000 gallons an hour," he said. "I mean, you start affecting Delta [Airlines], you start, when you're talking about Atlanta hub, Houston when you're talking about American and United. I mean, it goes on and on."

Carl added, "we've got to do better."

"The government has got to do as much as we can do to make sure it doesn't happen again," he continued. "We just got so many things that we truly need to be spending our resources on versus so much of this foolishness that we deal with every day."

After paying a visit to the crisis unfolding on the southern border, Carl called for enhanced border security and completing the Trump administration's border wall.

"We need to finish the border wall, that goes without saying, because every crossing that we went to, they were literally walking in between where the wall is not completed," he said.

Also, border officials need some help in manpower.

"Second of all, our border patrol, we need to beef them up a little bit, let's get them more support," Carl said. "They've got problems down there with translators, there's a lot coming in from Brazil."

He finished with a call for vetting and immigration enforcement.

"We need to certainly increase ICE presence down there," he concluded. "Get ICE on the border. ICE's the enforcement arm of these people that are coming across; it's ICE’s job to figure out if they're good, people or bad people."

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