Rep. Jim Jordan: Tech, Media, Intel Officers Staged Laptop Conspiracy

Rep. Jim Jordan: Tech, Media, Intel Officers Staged Laptop Conspiracy Rep. Jim Jordan: Tech, Media, Intel Officers Staged Laptop Conspiracy Rep. Jim Jordan stands with dozens of people calling for stopping the vote count in Pennsylvania due to alleged fraud against President Donald Trump gather on the steps of the State Capital on Nov. 05, 2020 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Sunday, 10 April 2022 01:41 PM

The left may be dismissing reports concerning Hunter Biden's old laptop as being conspiracy theories, but the real conspiracy was big tech and big media "keeping this story from the American people just days before the most important election we have, the election for president of the United States," Rep. Jim Jordan insisted Sunday.

"You have a family involved with all kinds of foreign business interests, and we don't get to hear that story," the Ohio Republican told Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo."

"Maybe the worst of it all was what 51 former intelligence officers did, [with] that letter that they wrote where they said this has all the earmarks of a Russian disinformation campaign."

However, the findings on Biden's laptop revealed a "family operation" that not only included his uncle, but his father, now President Joe Biden, said Jordan.

"Remember what (President) Biden said in the debates," the congressman said. "Joe Biden said, he said he didn't do anything wrong, and Hunter wasn't taking money from business interests in China. There are 4.8 million reasons why that statement is not accurate. We know he took $4.8 million from the Chinese energy company (CEFC China Energy)."

The intelligence officers' letter, he added, allowed big tech and big media to suppress the story, and House Republicans have sent a letter to the 51 officers to ask how they came to their conclusion and why they put their letter together.

Meanwhile, Jordan said he doesn't know if Hunter Biden is about to be indicted "but it sure seems that way," considering the back-to-back stories that came out from The Washington Post 10 days ago, timed just four minutes apart.

"You don't see The Washington Post do that," said Jordan. "I think it's interesting too how this story has evolved and changed. Remember, it started off as, oh, it wasn't his laptop. Then it was his laptop, but it was Russian disinformation. Now it's, no, it wasn't Russian disinformation, but Joe had nothing to do with it. And now, finally, it is, well, Joe had something to do with it, but he really didn't do anything wrong."

Jordan's comments come after he told Newsmax's John Bachman Thursday that if the GOP takes over the House, Hunter Biden will come under investigation, as will the move by the 51 intelligence agents to block the story about his laptop.

Meanwhile, if the GOP takes back the House in the elections this fall, Jordan, as ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, will likely chair the body, and he said Sunday it will not only be investigating Biden but that a "number" of things will come under investigation.

"If the American people put us back in power, I think we owe it to them to give them the truth on the Department of Justice spying on parents, on Dr. (Anthony) Fauci misleading the country on where COVID started and this story about Hunter Biden and the Biden family profiting off foreign interests and keeping that information from the American people," said Jordan.

The congressman also spoke out against the administration's plans to stop the use of Title 42, a disease prevention mechanism, to slow the flow of immigrants coming across the U.S.-Mexico border.

"You can't say COVID is so serious still, that we need billions of more dollars of American tax money, and at the same time say we're getting rid of Title 42, which is the only thing keeping a chaotic situation from getting worse," he said.

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